Enhancing Career Prospects through Industry-based Project – School of IT and Engineering (SITE)


From the development of animal facial recognition for cat flaps to solar powered mobile phone chargers, to the development of home automation systems and Crypto graph, MIT’s School of IT & Engineering students engaged in a wide variety of projects for their Industry-Based Projects.

The calibre of work in the 132 Project Presentations from around 370 undergraduate and postgraduate students was outstanding, as was their dedication and enthusiasm for their jobs well done.

MIT would like to thank all MIT staff and students who participated in the School of IT and Engineering (SITE) Impact Day in Melbourne campus, on the 1-2 October.

Special thanks to the following five industry innovators who attended the event and paneled the Industry Speakers Forum. In particular, a special mention to both Mr Alan Lloyd, Co-Founder of Cuuble and Steve Burns, CEO of 2Bytes Software, who were so impressed with the students project work and depth of knowledge and commitment, that they participated over the course of the full two-day IMPACT program.

  • Alan Lloyd, Co-founder of Cuuble, a Cloud-hosted or Intranet social networking tool for older people
  • Steve Burns, CEO of 2Bytes Software
  • Max Lynam – CEO & Co-Founder of Impactful Ventures
  • Bruce Sayers – CEO of Kuga Electrical
  • David Dowell – Antarasky Software

At MIT, we believe that Work Integrated Learning projects such as these can have much more impact than lectures and textbooks alone so it was great to see the results of so much hard work and celebrate the achievements of our students.

MIT is so proud of its students who have dedicated many hours into their project work to deliver real value to the clients and their business. Congratulations to all the project students and we know that this work integrated learning experience will stand you in good stead in your professional life, post-MIT.

MIT is now looking forward to the SITE Impact Day at our Sydney campus and seeing the students make their presentations on the 4 - 5 October.