Risk Management at MIT

This trimester at MIT Melbourne, the Master of Professional Accounting's Strategic Management Unit were treated to a talk on risk management by special guest Dr. Giovanni Butera.
Dr Butera is the Managing Director for Nixora Group: a risk management consulting firms for banks.
He is also the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer for the Global Association of International Artists (the GAIA Project) that is involved in social responsibility as a philanthropy.  
Students and staff learned about how banks need to identify individual and company risk management issues by developing relationships with customers in a simplistic manner. 
Nixora Group works cooperatively in partnership with ‘ASG’: for the implementation of ASG’s Enterprise Data Intelligence Solutions.
Nixora Group also works with Moody’s Analytics: for implementation and differentiating of Risk Authority Platform in the market place.
Additionally, Nixora Group works with IBM's Registered Business Partners which has been very successful in its partnership domain.