White Ribbon Accreditation

White Ribbon Accreditation

Melbourne Institute of Technology is now officially one of twenty one Australian workplaces which are now officially recognised by White Ribbon Australia to prevent and respond to violence against women.
MIT was awarded the honour on Wednesday, March 21st by Dr. Cuong La, a representative of White Ribbon Australia (photo, centre left). 

According to the University of Sydney, a survey of 2100 women and 500 men aged 16 to 40 gave the following responses about the future of women and work:

  • 4 out of 5 women reported valuing a job in which they are treated with respect the most
  • 31% of women surveyed believed that women and men are equally treated at work
  • 81% of women believed that it was important for women's future success at work to have a partner who shares this responsibility with them for childcare and household domestic work, compared to 76% of men.

This survey strengthened the business case for retention and recruitment outcomes for White Ribbon Workplaces. 

A full list of Australian White Ribbon Workplaces can befound here

*Source: White Ribbon Australia (https://www.whiteribbon.org.au)