Policies, Procedures and Guidelines


  1. MIT Admissions Policy and Procedure


  1. MIT ELICOS Policy and Procedure

Courses and Units

  1. MIT Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedure
  2. MIT Assessment Policy and Procedure
  3. MIT Moderation of Assessment Policy
  4. MIT Moderation of Assessment Procedure
  5. MIT Enrolment Policy and Procedure
  6. MIT Substitution of Core Units Policy
  7. MIT Course and Unit Lifecycle Policy and Procedure
  8. MIT Credit Point Policy


  1. MIT Social Media Policy
  2. MIT User Account, Email and Internet Guidelines
  3. MIT Graduate Attributes
  4. MIT Theft, Fraud and Corrupt Conduct Policy and Procedure
  5. MIT Critical Incident Policy and Procedure
  6. MIT Privacy Policy
  7. MIT Library Policy And Procedure
  8. MIT Copyright Policy and Procedure
  9. MIT Alcohol and Drug Policy and Procedure
  10. MIT Support for Victims of Domestic Violence Policy and Procedure
  11. MIT Intellectual Property Policy and Procedure
  12. MIT Records Management Policy and Procedure
  13. MIT Equity and Diversity Policy and Procedure


  1. MIT Marketing Policy and Procedure

School Matters

  1. School Committees Policy

Staff Matters

  1. Academic and General Staff Recruitment Policy and Procedure
  2. Academic Freedom and Responsibility Policy
  3. Academic Promotions Policy for Promotion to Level B and C
  4. Academic Staff Portfolio
  5. Application Form for Research Approval
  6. Appointment to the title of Professor/Associate Professor Policy
  7. Checklist for the Determination of AQF+1 and/or Equivalence of Professional Experience
  8. Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research
  9. Communication With TEQSA Policy and Procedure
  10. Continuing Professional Development for Professional Staff
  11. Continuing Professional Education for Academic Staff 2016-2019
  12. Equal Opportunity Policy and Procedure
  13. Guidelines for Recognition of Equivalence in Academic Staff Qualifications and Experience
  14. Responsible Conduct of Research Policy
  15. Scholarship of Teaching and Research Fund
  16. Staff Code of Conduct
  17. Staff Complaint Policy and Procedure

Student Matters

  1. MIT Student Complaints and Grievances Policy and Procedure
  2. MIT Academic Appeals Policy and Procedures
  3. Industry Internship Program for MIT Students Policy
  4. MIT International student offer acceptance form
  5. MIT Terms and Conditions of Enrolment, Fee Payment and Refund policy
  6. MIT Domestic Student Acceptance of Offer, and Terms and Conditions of Enrolment, Fee Payment and Refund Policy
  7. MIT Fee Payment Credit Card Authorisation Form
  8. MIT Pre Departure Guide (Melbourne campus)
  9. MIT Student Handbook (Melbourne campus)
  10. MIT Student Handbook 2017 (Sydney campus)
  11. MIT Student Transfer Policy and Procedure
  12. Review Procedures for Re-crediting Student Learning Entitlement (SLE)
  13. Special Consideration/Deferment Guidelines
  14. Statement of Tuition Assurance
  15. MIT Awards and Courses Policy And Procedure
  16. Student Academic Progress Policy and Procedure
  17. Student Charter
  18. MIT Student General Misconduct Policy and Procedure
  19. Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure
  20. MIT Sydney International Student Handbook (2018)
  21. MIT Melbourne International Student Handbook (2018)