Workplace Rights and Pay Rates

Knowing your rights

Anyone who works in Australia has certain rights within the workplace. These can include:

  • Basic pay rates
  • Hours of work
  • Taking leave (annual, personal, sick or parental)

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of their basic rights as a worker.

Fair Work Ombudsman are able to give you information and advice about your workplace rights and obligations. They cover:

  • Pay
  • Leave
  • Finding employment
  • Employee entitlements
  • Awards and agreements
  • How they can help you

Fair Work Commission are also able to give you workplace rights and obligations. They cover:

  • Creating fair workplaces
  • Awards and agreements
  • Resolving issues, disputes and dismissals
  • At the commission
  • Cases, decisions and orders
  • Registered organisations

Student Visa

Remember, if you are on a Student Visa, you are allowed to work legally part time for up to 40 hours every fortnight during your study period. During your trimester break, you can work an unrestricted amount of time. Make sure you have a Tax File Number so you are able to work.

For more information, please go to the  Department of Home Affairs website.