Student Engagement is at the core of everything we do at MIT using a holistic approach based on the four pillars of successful learning, effective communication, participative representation and meaningful collaboration. Our Strategic Engagement Plan 2016 – 2018 encapsulates our principles and is available via this link.

MIT’s aim is to increase student engagement overall within all of its activities. This means increasing the students’ interest, attention, optimism and passion towards MIT. Growing the student’s motivation to learn in an environment where students are inspired, interested and have inquisitive endeavour will encourage students to learn successfully.

MIT management and leaders include students in the governance and decision making processes in the Institute. We have as a Board Committee a Student Experience Committee with student representatives from both campuses on this committee and students’ representation on most of the major committees such as the Academic Board and Teaching and Learning Committee. Students’ are also represented on Course Advisory, the students & Staff Consultative Committees and also regularly surveyed to receive feedback on academic and student services activities thoughout the Institute.

Student Advocacy is also in the forefront of MIT consideration and a service to aid this is located on each Campus.

To this end MIT encourages its students and graduates alike to undertake internal and external surveys such as:

The students experience survey at:

MIT reviews reports available publicly such Australasian Survey of Student Engagement (AUSSE) to inform its student experience plan.

In a nutshell, the aim of student engagement is to prioritise educational strategies and teaching techniques that takes into account the students’ intellectual, emotional, behaviour and social factors that may enhance learning for students. This in turn may develop the student to fit easily in a working environment outside of the MIT campuses.