School of Business Scholarships

1. Purpose of the Scholarship

The purpose of Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT)’s School of Business Scholarship is to attract outstanding students and to encourage and nurture continuous development of talent in the field of Business. The scholarship is awarded on merit basis.

2. Eligibility Criteria

To receive and retain the School of Business Scholarship the applicant must:

  1. Be an international student and enrolled as a full time student for the trimester to which the benefit applies. The November or summer trimester is not covered by scholarship;
  2. Have achieved an average overall grade of 75.0% or more, with no individual result below 70.0% in the preceding trimester and have no fail grades recorded (no exceptions will be considered);
  3. Have IELTS (academic) result with an overall score of 7.0 with no band less than 6.5. Documentary evidence of a current (test date within two years of date of application) IELTS certification must accompany the application;
  4. Have completed at least (minimum) 2 trimesters (8 units) or as per course requirements of program at MIT;
  5. Have a minimum attendance record of 80% in all scheduled classes;
  6. Student submission – Each application must be accompanied by a - 500-800 words essay outlining why receipt of the scholarship is important;
  7. Have made the fee payment for the subsequent trimester’s full-time enrolment.
  8. Not be sponsored by other organisations or governments; and have
  9. Submitted a completed application form before the closing date

3. Processing of Scholarship Applications

All applicants who satisfy the eligibility criteria shall be interviewed. Such an interview serves two purposes. Firstly, to verify the information provided by applicants. Secondly, to allow for a verbal communication assessment of the applicant to be made. Effective and easily understood verbal communication/public speaking is vital – to be considered an all-round - MIT scholar. Applicants who do not meet the criteria at the interview stage will not be considered further.

3.1 Scoring/ Rating of Applicants

Applicants- who pass the interview process will be rated using a scoring method. The scoring method will be determined by the MIT Scholarships’ Committee and approved by the Executive Management Committee (EMT). EMT shall review the scoring method annually.

Applications will be ranked by score and scholarships awarded according to a strict order of merit. When scores are the same and there are insufficient scholarships the Scholarship Committee will determine allocation on merit.

All applications will be considered by the Scholarships Committee, the membership of which is the General Manager (Chair) and the two Heads of School

Note: Students previously ineligible for this scholarship do not automatically become eligible as a consequence of any individual result being amended as the outcome of an appeal or review.


There is no right of appeal should an applicant be unsuccessful in securing a scholarship.

4. Value and benefits

Successful applicants who are awarded a scholarship will receive one off payment equivalent to 30% of the tuition fee for a program he or she is enrolled for that semester.

Each trimester there are - a maximum of 5 scholarships with the exception that no scholarships will be awarded for the November or summer trimester.

5. No transfer privilege

The School’s Scholarships are not transferable to another Institute’s campus.

6. Eligible programs

The School of Business Scholarships are available for eligible students enrolled in the following MIT programs only:

Undergraduate program Bachelor of Business
Postgraduate program Master of Professional Accounting

7. Application process

Applicants will be required to complete the School Scholarship Form in addition to the normal program Application Form.

Applications will only be considered if the applicant fulfils ALL the eligibility criteria (as stated above); submits the application before the closing date; and has made the fee payment for the subsequent trimester’s full-time enrolment.

The same process must be repeated for any subsequent trimester scholarship application for renewal where applicable.

8. Closing Dates

Applications must be lodged by 4.30pm on the Friday of the week immediately before the classes start in the subsequent trimester.

9. Outcome

All scholars who receive an official offer of a scholarship from the Institute will receive a bank cheque for the value of the Scholarship.

10. Code of Student Conduct

To maintain eligibility for the School’s Scholarship during the academic year, students must be enrolled as a Melbourne Institute of Technology student during the academic year and be in good academic standing at the Institute. As a School’s Scholar, you are a member of the Institute community and are expected to comply with all laws, Institute’s policies, campus regulations and conducting yourself in ways that support a scholarly environment. During the tenure of your School’s Scholarship, you must agree to be guided by the MIT Campus Code of Student Conduct which can be downloaded at

11. Interpretation of the Scholarship Terms and Conditions and Correspondence

  • 11.1 The scholarship terms and conditions are as stated herein and MIT will not accept- any inferred interpretation not contained herein
  • 11.2 For fair administration of the MIT School’s Scholarship communication between the scholarship applicants and MIT must be in writing and addressed to the Chair, Schools’ Scholarship Committee
  • 11.3 Communication that is conducted through channels other than those stated in item 11.2 above shall be deemed as invalid.

12. Scholarship Committee members

Chair – General Manager

Members – Head of School Business, Head of School Information Technology & Engineering

Last updated 30 May 2012