MIT has three semesters in one academic year – each trimester being the equivalent of one traditional semester.  

Trimester in a year allows you to complete a three year degree in just 2 years which means you will be heading to work while everyone is still hitting the books. The MIT Trimester Advantage allows you to:

  • complete your three year degree in just two which means you will finish one year earlier by using 3 trimesters a year instead of  the two traditional semesters
  • earn a full year’s salary whilst other students are still studying
  • more flexible commencement times with three intakes per year – March, July and November
  • learn at your own speed – as the three trimesters  allows you to spread your study load or alternatively catch up on units which you  weren’t able to complete in your prior trimester.

Click here to view how the trimesters work.

MIT offers students with a TAFE Diploma a faster way to get a Bachelor degree.  You can get up to 1.5 years credit transfer for your Advanced Diploma into a relevant Bachelor degree at MIT and fast track your degree in just 1 year. 

This covers all MIT degrees in Accounting, Management, Marketing and Computer Networking.

How it works

Our fast-track option means TAFE graduates with a relevant Advanced diploma could complete a degree in just one year.

TAFE graduates with a relevant diploma could complete a degree in 1.5 years. 

The secret of the trimester system.

 By studying your degree over three trimesters, you can complete your degree faster. 


Government FEE-HELP available with no upfront fees

Australian students applying to study at MIT are eligible for FEE-HELP – Australian Government loan scheme designed to assist Australian students undertaking tertiary education. FEE-HELP covers full or part of the student’s tuition fees, with no upfront fees required.

For further detail information about FEE-HELP, visit our page FEE-HELP or visit the Going to Uni website.

Further information and assistance

If you need further information or advice about studying at MIT, please contact the Admissions team at the relevant campuses below:

MIT Melbourne - call (03) 8600 6700 or email

MIT Sydney - call (02) 8267 1400 or email

Our class sizes are smaller than traditional universities. The smaller class size means fewer students resulting in the teacher knowing students by name and having the opportunity to coach better academic performance. This also encourages increased participation, develops student confidence and ensures you receive strong academic support.   The final result is better performance from you.

At MIT, we understand that studying in a new environment can be an overwhelming experience, particularly if you are transiting from High School to Higher education or coming from overseas education systems.  Face to face teaching and the ability to access your lecturers to clarify questions and give individual assistance, creates a comfortable learning environment. This fosters and encourages all students to participate in better learning experience in higher education and results in academic excellence.

If you are looking to work in to your chosen profession you will need a quality education to have the needed skills and knowledge.  Such programs will provide technical, research and soft skills reflecting the realities of the work place and will be accredited by relevant professional bodies such as Institute of Chartered Accountant Australia (ICAA) or Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA), Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) and Australian Computer Society (ACS).  Professional accreditation gives you a global credibility and recognition, access to industry networking events and professional development opportunities.

All our undergraduates and post graduate programs are designed in line with industry standards and developed with academic integrity.  These programs have embedded into them both technical, research and soft skills to reflect the realities in the work place and t make the MIT graduates more employable. To further assist in gaining your career outcomes MIT provides a strong and successful professional support network through the following programs:

  • The MIT Internship Program allows you to gain real work experience while opening up a network of contacts and work opportunities. MIT has partnerships with various organizations to give you this advantage.
  • Career Development activities includes resume preparation, job search assistance and interview skills training which can be undertaking on an individual basis or through the many workshops held regularly.
  • Employment Seminars allows you to meet future employers who  give you an insight into your future work opportunities. Some of these people are business leaders who may well hold a key to your future. 

Scholarships available at MIT reflect the institute’s recognition of the contribution students make to MIT and the wider community. It is also a symbol of the institute’s desire to create an environment where you can be inspired and achieve excellence.

These scholarships not only reward academic achievement, but also assist you to achieve your educational goals. These scholarships provide you partial funding. The eligibility criteria and application procedure for each scholarship vary depending on the type of scholarship that you wish to apply.

Following scholarships are currently available:

At MIT we not only focus on growing your academic potential but your personal growth in areas such as  leadership, being a team player and creativity by involvement in the experiential learning found  in study skills, mentor programs, individual support and student activities.

Study Assist Program

Our Study Assist Program helps you to hone and develop your study skills to ensure you are maximising your learning potential. Study focus points include: time management, grammar, effective researching, oral presentations, referencing, report writing, essay writing, exam writing, plagiarism etc.

MIT Mentor Program

The Mentor Program provides assistance to students from experienced senior students in a specific unit of study or field. You can participate in either private consultations or in a small group setting.  You can also develop your leadership skills by volunteering to become a mentor to your peers.

Student activities

The MIT Student Services department runs a number of recreational events for students to attend throughout the year. Getting involved in student activities is one of the fastest and easiest ways for students to make new friends and feel connected with MIT community.  

Becoming engaged with other students creates a sense of belonging, develop and grow outside the classroom, and possibly even run across opportunities for leadership experience.

Personal Support

We understand that studying in a new environment can be an overwhelming experience.  This can be even more so for international students studying away from family and friends. Sometimes it can be overwhelming if you are in transition from High School environment to Higher education environment.  To ensure that you feel at ease MIT offers a totally confidential and free counselling support services to help you with anything from academics to personal problems that may affect on your study or your life.