Entry requirements and weighting

Prerequisites: Nil
Corequisites: Nil
Credit Points: 15 credit points
Level: Year 1, Core

Brief description

Organisations are created to develop and offer products and services to the market place. For these organisations to be successful they must be able to effectively communicate what the products and services are and how they will meet the needs of purchasers. To be competitive these organisations must also be able to source the resources necessary to sustain the offering of the products and services with minimal cost and adequate profitability for expansion and future development. All these activities are involved in effective
marketing to customers. The subject material covers the marketing environment in which marketing decisions take place, including the demographic, legal, political, technological, social, cultural, and physical aspects of that environment, which are relevant to those marketing decisions.The subject also covers the mix of decisions regarding product, price promotion and distribution policies, as well as the identification of marketing opportunities, market research and the analysis of consumer behaviour, the selection of markets, market segmentation, targeting and positioning. In addition, the development of a marketing plan is covered.

Topics to be covered include:

  1. Introduction to marketing
  2. Marketing Research and Information Systems
  3. Consumer/Buyer behaviour
  4. Target marketing/Market segmentation
  5. The Offerings: Product and service strategy including branding and packaging
  6. Pricing: including pricing strategies and plans and pricing management
  7. Integrated Marketing Communications: advertising, PR, personal selling & publicity
  8. Place/Distribution: retailing and wholesaling
  9. Marketing strategy, planning and implementation
  10. Global/international marketing

Learning outcomes

  1. identify core concepts of marketing and the role of marketing in business and society
  2. identify appropriate marketing mixes for specific industries
  3. design, implementing and controlling marketing strategies in order to achieve a competitive market advantage
  4. analyse marketing problems and providing solutions based on a critical examination of marketing information
  5. apply knowledge and skills to real-world experiences
  6. create an integrated marketing plan
  7. develop marketing strategies based on product, price, place and promotion objectives.
  8. create an integrated marketing communications plan, which includes promotional strategies and measures of effectiveness.
  9. communicate unique marketing mixes and selling propositions for specific product offerings.