Alumni Testimonial

Mr Karanpreet Singh

Graduation Year: Class of 2016

“As a former undergraduate mentor of MIT, it was a great feeling to help the mentees at MIT to succeed in their studies and reach their goals. This prestigious institute has always supported its students to achieve their potential. MIT has helped me in gaining the relevant knowledge through which I was able to secure a job. MIT helped me in conquering my fears and improving my soft skills. After graduating in 2016 and becoming an Alumna I am grateful that I am still a part of MIT. Finally, I would like to welcome the current graduates to the Alumni family”.

Ms Ritika Kapoor

Graduation Year: Class of 2015
DAE Network Migration Specialist - Telstra Corporation Ltd

“MIT helped me prepare myself to get into the workforce. I chose MIT because it is a nationally recognized educational institute located in the center of Melbourne CBD and most importantly, it had the specific course I wanted to do. I liked the hands-on approach of courses at MIT because it took my learning beyond theory. I learnt to apply my knowledge through practices like presentations, working in teams, and active involvement in problem-based learning tutorials. I must say that the faculty invests a lot in students and to look after them. My recommendation to prospective students is that when you come to MIT, you will not only study but you will also experience living amongst people from different nationalities and will make lifelong friends. The experience has broadened my horizon and really changed my view about many things. Joining MIT was the best decision I made”.

Mr Faisal Akhter

Graduation Year: Class of 2014
Senior Technical Analyst - Myer

“Melbourne Institute of Technology is one of the best institutes that I have studied in. The teachers are friendly and I had great classmates from different cultural backgrounds. The study program provides course material in a very comprehensive manner touching on all the relevant topics. I also like that our lecturers use real-life examples and the fact that the infrastructure is very useful. The skills I learnt during the program have helped me immensely in my career as a CRM manager at Three Sixty Property Group and now in Myer as a Senior Technical Analyst. It would be fair to say that without the course I studied, I wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to be doing the work I do today. I strongly recommend MIT’s undergraduate & postgraduate programs to all who aspire for a remarkable career. Studying at MIT was the best decision I have made in my education journey”.

Ms Monika Gurung

Graduation Year: Class of 2017

“There were several reasons why I chose to study at MIT and glad that I am a graduate of MIT now. The teachers are well experienced, friendly and helpful. The small class sizes let you have one on one interaction with your teachers and you can literally be friends with everyone in the class. MIT also organises various professional, networking and career workshops, which help students to identify their potential and improve networking skills. MIT helped me in understanding different cultures and in improving my soft skills through presentations and group assignments. As a fresh graduate of MIT, I am pleased to be part of MIT alumni, so I could give back to my alma mater. Students can surely rely on MIT for a promising future.”

Mr Saleem Khan

Graduation Year: Class of 2017

“Melbourne Institute of Technology is nationally and internationally recognized for its achievements in the education sector in Australia. MIT has a mixture of students from a diverse range of backgrounds and is located in the heart of Melbourne CBD at a walking distance from Melbourne Central station. The professors are really friendly and willing to help students to go that extra mile in their educational journey. I was able to get the right help from my teachers and this helped me to get an award for ‘academic excellence’ at the graduation ceremony in 2017. For those students who are keen to achieve more, I would highly recommend MIT. They will experience a real change in their academic achievements. With my unforgettable experience at MIT, I am grateful that I still get to be in touch with MIT as one of the alumni.”

Ms Shantelle Pope

Graduation Year: Class of 2017

“Studying at Melbourne Institute of Technology has provided me with the practical knowledge and experience to kick start my career in the marketing industry. I was fortunate enough to undertake an internship through MIT with Fight Cancer Foundation, which further developed my skills and gave me vital experience to use in the work force. MIT has some of the most dedicated faculty members and support staff, that are committed to helping students succeed and are always available to lend a hand whenever necessary. I thoroughly enjoyed the coursework at MIT which has been meticulously planned to include the most up to date material and utilize real work scenarios such as presentations, case studies and team work. My time at MIT has been exceptionally memorable and I would very much recommend this institution to anyone wishing to have a fulfilling university experience.”