How do recent graduates and current students rate the MIT Business and Management undergraduate courses?


We highlight some of the findings from the recent graduates and current students responses to the Australian Government Department of Education (DOE) Student Experience Survey.

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Here are the Top 5 findings.

  1. Positive Overall Experience

    Over 85% of the MIT School of Business student respondents say they’ve had a positive overall experience. That’s a massive advance on the national average of 76.7% for all tertiary education providers.

  2. Future Work Skills Development

    How did MIT recent graduates and current students rate their development of future work skills? These are the skills that will make all the difference between success in the long term or being automated out of a job.

    Of survey respondents, 82.4% say they are positive about skills development at MIT. This compares favourably to the national average of only 77.8%.

    MIT students rate the skills development they’ve experienced through their MIT studies more positively than students at other institutions. This includes skills such as critical thinking, written and verbal communication and the ability to solve complex problems.


    Bachelor of Business
    Major in Digital Marketing

    The classes at MIT help us to draw inferences between the theoretical concepts and real-life situations. We’re encouraged to think critically because our professors know we’ll need to do this in the business world.

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  3. Positive Teaching Practices

    Do the lecturers, tutors and demonstrators at MIT strive to engaged students actively in learning and demonstrate concern for student learning?

    Yes! Almost 4 out of 5 respondents to the survey rated MIT’s teaching practices positively (79.8%). This compares to a national average of 76.9%.

  4. Engaging Interactions with Staff

    The survey tells us that 73.4% of students are positive about their interaction with staff. Compared to only 59.8% nationally.

    MIT is proud to provide an intellectually challenging environment. Students get challenged – not spoon-fed. And thrive on plenty of personal autonomy. MIT’s small class sizes mean students enjoy more one-on-one time with tutors.


    Bachelor of Business
    Major in Management

    I’ve been fortunate to have Dr Vanaja’s mentorship. She’s been so important to my success in the Management unit. I know she’s mentored every student in my class! It would be fair to say that I’ve had a very supportive experience at MIT.

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  5. Excellent Support Services

    MIT students rated support services positively at 79.2% compared to 71.6% nationally. This is clear evidence that MIT is committed to helping students navigate the enrolment process, settle in and get the support they need when starting out on their degree course.



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