A/Prof. Tony Jan’s cyber security tips

It’s the shocking truth! The internet isn’t ready for business. You’ve seen the headlines.

All the latest news on cyber threat.

Security breach. Data hack. Hacking target. Opportunist attack.

Australia’s security agencies urgently investigate data breach.

But if the Internet isn’t secure? What can you do?

You can start by teaching yourself to know more about hacking than the hackers. It’s called ethical hacking. You can learn how to hack but for the good.

A/Prof. Tony Jan, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor at Melbourne Institute of Technology, shares his thoughts on cyber security. Or how you can beat the hackers at their own game.

  • Knowledge of computers
    To beat the hacker you need to be proficient in computing and networking skills. You need to know enough to be able to defend the computer network.
  • Data Analytics
    As the Internet rapidly increases in size, it is generating massive amounts of unstructured data. As an ethical hacker, you must have a thorough understanding of how to manipulate unstructured data to analyse and identify malicious attacks.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial Intelligence is not the stuff of science fiction. It’s right here. Right now!

    As global business networks continue to grow on an exponential basis, they’re becoming increasingly more complicated. To keep up with this growth you need help from a new source; Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Hackers are already using AI to break into systems. So if you don’t know how to use AI, the battle is lost before it even starts. As an ethical hacker, you must be able to use AI technologies to automate security systems and prevent breaches of security.

  • Creativity

    You need to beat the hackers at their own game. This means, as an ethical hacker, you must achieve high standards in moral and critical problem-solving skills. You’ve got be as creative, if not more creative, than the hackers.

  • Planetary connectivity

    The world of computers is moving at the speed of light. Over the next few years, we’ll see incredible advances in mobile technologies, and the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Block Chain Technologies. To be one of tomorrow’s ethical hackers, you’ll need to constantly stretch your learning to explore new ideas.

All this means there are massive employment opportunities for people with skills and knowledge of cyber security and ethical hacking.

Industry is calling out for Penetration Testers, Security Consultants, Security Advisors and Security Developers.

Do you want to learn how to help companies hack their own systems to reveal existing vulnerabilities?  Do you want to provide the expertise to develop secure software and hardware systems?

At MIT, we are developing unique and practical courses in cyber security and data analytics to equip our graduates to be ready to secure the future computing world. Join MIT in making our computers secure.

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AProf. Tony Jan

A/Prof. Tony Jan

Associate Professor Tony Jan is Associate Head of School of IT and Engineering at Melbourne Institute of Technology. His research areas include "Machine Learning for Network Security", "Sensor Network for Threat Assessments" and "Software and Enterprise Security".
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