Capitalising on trends is a smart tactic

Cybersecurity is a gold mine for anyone who has the right skills and knowledge.

Around the world, there is zero unemployment rate in this industry which is unheard of in any other area.

By next year, the demand for cyber security professionals will increase to 6 million globally, the Palo Alto Research Centre reports.

Companies are evolving at an exponential rate. They are storing highly sensitive information in ‘the cloud’ because it is cheaper and more efficient. While they are saving in one area, they are investing in other areas like cybersecurity.

If you were to look for a job now, you’d find that there are many jobs going in Cloud Solutions Architecture; Platform Engineering; Cloud Services and Security Solutions and Cyber Security Solutions for Cloud Computing.

It is estimated that an average data breach in 2017 cost $3.5 million dollars, as reported on CSO Online. Your skills will be globally transferable.

Rickard at CSO Online compiled a list of security breaches in America in 2017, and the results and frequency are astounding.  Every single month, a security breach with thousands of records being exposed was reported.

This is why cybersecurity specialists are in demand both here and overseas. No country is safe.

These jobs also come with high salaries because if anything goes wrong in this area, companies risk losing millions of dollars.

If you want to future proof your career, the smart thing would be to apply for a degree in Networking and specialise in Cyber Security, Cloud Networking or Software Engineering.

Graduates with a degree in Computer Networking from MIT, and specifically with a specialisation in Cyber Security report that they are having no trouble finding work in their industry.  

By the way, graduates with a degree in Engineering Technology (Telecommunications) will also be accredited by Engineers Australia making you even more employable.

Get a degree from MIT in Computer Networking or Engineering Technology (Telecommunications) and you will be investing in your future.

So why not Carpe Diem? Apply today. Fee-Help available. 


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Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Telecommunications)9470194072 (DFP),
9470194073 (IFP)
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Bachelor of Networking9470194722 (DFP),
9470194723 (IFP)
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Bachelor of Networking - Major in Cyber Security9470194722 (DFP),
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