Soft skills will make all the difference


Soft skills will make all the difference to you. Human-centric capabilities such as problem-solving, critical thinking and communication will be the things that set you apart from others.  

According to recent findings reported in The Foundation for Young Australians’ (FYA) New Work Order report series there are four things identified by young people as holding them back from a transition into a great career: []

  1. Not enough work experience.
  2. Lack of appropriate education.
  3. Lack of career management skills.
  4. Not enough jobs.

It’s no wonder that many young people are concerned about their future. McKinsey & Company predict that 25 per cent of today’s jobs will disappear as a result of automation and artificial intelligence. A more positive prediction comes from the US think tank Institute for the Future, who believe that 85 per cent of jobs in 2030 have yet to be invented.

Here are 4 ways MIT ensures students are ready for the jobs of the future.

Work-related skills

At MIT, all our degree courses are steeped in practical work. Students gain a great understanding of how to apply their theoretical learning in the real-world. And what is more, all MIT degree courses require student participation in a real industry-connected project.

The industry-connected project, known as a Capstone Project, provides students with the experience of working with a real company. As a result of this experience, students develop the soft skills they’ll use in the workplace such as teamwork, collaboration and presentations.

It’s the soft skills or human-centric capabilities, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, teamwork, collaboration and communication, that will set you apart in competition for a great career. 


Technical skills

Technology is reshaping the way we work. New innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence and internet of things technologies are creating entirely new jobs and careers.

MIT degree courses in IT Networking and Telecoms Engineering provide students with the technical skills to open doors.  Everyone is focussed on keeping up to date with the latest in technology and business ideas – including AI, robotics, algorithms, digital marketing, blockchain, cloud technology, 5G and more.

Career management skills

At MIT, students work in a learning environment that encourages innovation and creativity. There are well-equipped labs and the lecturers are motivational and inspirational.

And because MIT wants all its students to secure great jobs, MIT’s career services provide workshops to help students develop Interview and job application skills.

Jobs of the future

There are massive employment opportunities for people with skills and knowledge of IT Networking, Telecoms Engineering and Business.

At MIT, we believe we in helping young people accelerate their path into a great career.




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