All degrees are created equal. So, pick a place you want to spend the next three years

Above all else, a degree course will teach you how to think.

Whatever degree course you take, it will teach you how to compare options and make the best possible choice.

For the problem at hand.


Quick quiz.

If all Australian degrees are created equal, how can you choose where to go to get a degree?

This is the very real question facing many Australian students.

The answer is not easy.

Because all Australian degrees are, by and large, created equal. The government requires all tertiary institutions to teach to a set level. A high level, when compared to the rest of the world.

A degree is a big commitment. Six semesters, over two to three years at least.

Perhaps the question should be, “Where do you want to spend that time?”

Some students love big crowds, being part of the hustle and bustle of a large campus, happy to go it alone in a sea of competition.

For a number of students, large institutions do not work.

There is an option.

Smaller, private institutions, like the Melbourne Institute of Technology, provide a real alternative for students who fear they may struggle to live up to their own expectations at a larger campus where they can often feel isolated.

Smaller institutions provide a number of very real benefits for these students.

More attention from staff can provide a big confidence boost for less confident students.

Greater access to academics means students have more chances to unpick complex and complicated ideas, providing stronger foundations for success.

Smaller class sizes mean students aren’t lost in the crowd. The familiarity between teacher and students gives shyer students a chance to ask questions.

MIT graduates say this is one of the reasons they liked their experience.

(Being at the centre of town doesn’t do their social life any harm either.)

MIT think of it as giving students their own support team.

If, in a world where all degrees are created equal, the challenge is picking an experience that helps you get the best result possible, getting as much support as possible must be a step in the right direction.