MIT Group Foundation Ltd


MIT Group Foundation Ltd was established in December 2014.

The names of the directors in office:

Shesh Ghale (Appointed 11 December 2014)
Jamuna Ghale-Gurung (Appointed 11 December 2014)
Austin Kijagulu (Appointed 11 December 2014)
Patricia Ann Stewart (Appointed 11 December 2014)

The foundations short-term and long term objectives are the provision of the relief of poverty and distress of the poor and destitute in developing countries through the provision of:

  1. building new schools;
  2. providing funds for educational material;
  3. providing funds for teacher training;
  4. providing funds for student scholarships;
  5. providing vocational training for students;
  6. providing other infrastructure;
  7. building hospitals and/or medical centres;
  8. providing operating capital for hospitals and/or medical centres to purchase medical equipment and supplies, and funds to pay for medical staff and ancillary staff;
  9. providing funds for residential housing;
  10. providing funds to purchase food and water;
  11. providing funds to purchase clothing; in those countries, and to do all things as may be appropriate or necessary to promote these objects, including:
    1. inviting financial contributions from the public to the MIT Group Foundation Overseas Gift Fund;
    2. carrying out is programs in partnership with local Non-Government Organisations in accordance with the guidelines published by the Department;
    3. adhering to, and carrying out its programs in accordance with, the Australian Council for International Development Code of Conduct and MIT Group Foundation shall be organised and operated exclusively for the attainment of, and holds its assets and income on trust exclusively for, these objectives

Already the foundation has contributed in the following ways:

High contributions and expenses relate to recent Nepal Earthquake and foundations contribution of $250,000 for relief and shelter.

Recently an existing school project in the village of Naung Lamjung District Nepal has been completed (estimated cost AUD 60,000).

Also during the earthquake MITGF put up a school roof equivalent to approx. AUD 20,000

We welcome your support, please call +61 3 8600 6762 to donate now to the MIT GROUP FOUNDATION OVERSEAS GIFT FUND