Cover Letter Writing

A cover letter accompanies the application with your resume as an introductory letter. It provides a brief explanation of who you are and the reasons why you are writing to them. It provides the opportunity to share important information to a prospective employer. Remember, the cover letter is generally between half and one page long.

Some tips for cover letter writing include:

  • Use clear formatting;
  • Have particular attention to spelling and grammar;
  • Noting the position you have applied for and where you saw it advertised;
  • Provide information about your qualifications and work or volunteer experiences;
  • Discuss your skills and knowledge gained from previous employment;
  • Using dot points can help to highlight positive attributes;
  • Make sure you tailor your cover letter appropriately for each application, and
  • Include essential or desirable skills mentioned in the advertised position description.

Please login to AMS to view Cover Letter templates under the Career Development  tab.