Job Searching Techniques

There are things you should consider when applying for work including:

  • Have a profile page setup on employment websites
  • Have a clear objective on what type of role you are looking for
  • Set goals for short term and long term intentions – short term refers to whilst you are studying and long term is specific to the industry of your chosen studies
  • Read the job advertisement thoroughly
  • Read the job description thoroughly
  • Respond to the key selection criteria
  • Submit your cover letter, resume and key selection criteria responses prior the deadline in a timely manner.

Furthermore, some online job hunting tips include:

  • Create an account on employment websites – it allows you to keep track of your applications and have relevant jobs emailed to you once they are posted online, as well as save your cover letter and resume online;
  • Keep your options open – apply for as many jobs as you can;
  • When searching for jobs, you can be more specific to remove the unwanted jobs in other states or industries to ensure time efficiency;
  • Take your time with applications because attention to detail is important – it shows that you are interested in the position and that you take initiative with your work;
  • Research the company you want to apply for – it will assist with personalising your cover letter and tailoring your resume to fit the job description, and
  • Always proof read your applications prior submission.

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