Student Stories

Sharanjit Singh

Master of Networking

The industry-based project I’m working on as part of my degree is very exciting because it helps blind people have easy access to their music using their mobile phone or computer. It involves the creation of an app that our clients can use through touch or voice commands, and I’ve found that I’m not only applying what I’ve learnt in my degree, but also learning about other types of software, database platforms and programming languages in order to execute the project. I chose this course at MIT because of the industry accreditation from the Australian Computer Society which means I will have a massive pool of job opportunities open for me worldwide once I graduate. I’ve really enjoyed my time at MIT so far, and have a deep respect for my teachers who have been instrumental in my academic and personal growth.  


Shanti Woodend

Bachelor of Networking

I feel really supported and welcome at MIT, and find the diversity of student and staff really enhances the study experience as I get access to so many different perspectives. The course is challenging and helping me to gain a lot of knowledge and expertise in my field. It is fun at times, and other times it really pushes you to put in that extra mile. There are many real-world aspects to the course like the industry-based projects, and each unit in my course also has practical aspects embedded in them like designing network layouts and databases for businesses or learning how to communicate in a professional business setting. I’ve also had some lecturers who have been really engaging by adding humour to their teaching and making the topics relatable to your personal life. So not only do we grasp the concepts easier, we find we can also apply it to our own lives.


Shamika Wijesinghalage

Master of Engineering (Telecommunications)

Choosing MIT has been the best decision I’ve made for my further studies in the telecommunication field. I originally chose MIT because the engineering degree is accredited by Engineers Australia and because of MIT’s great location in the heart of the city. After studying here, I’ve found that MIT also takes a holistic approach to education and provides the utmost care and assistance to students. I’ve received one-on-one help when I’ve struggled with assignments and lab work, and lecturers have also stayed back after class to help me figure out any concepts I had trouble with. The degree is very practical - I’ve been involved in project work that requires us to find engineering solutions in existing systems, and solve real-time problems – all skills that will be useful on the job. Studying this course at MIT has definitely increased my confidence to pursue my passion in the telecommunication industry.


Sanjay Dulal

Bachelor of Networking

I’ve always been passionate about computer networking and keen to advance my knowledge in this field, so MIT seemed like the perfect place to start with its specialised course in networking and accreditation with the Australian Computer Society (ACS). What I’ve experienced is a learning environment that encourages innovation and creativity, with well-equipped labs, and lecturers that motivate and inspire us. We’re encouraged to keep up to date with the latest in technology as the industry is such a fast-paced one. For example, my industry based project involves designing a Smart Kitchen Inventory Management System using IOT devices for a tech company – a technology that is still relatively new and evolving. The project has been an eye-opener for everyone in the team. It has taught us what it takes to be professionals, think about ethical issues raised by this project, and made us realise how relevant our degree has been in this real world project.


Neeharika Gupta

Master of Engineering (Telecommunications)

The internship I’m undertaking as part of my degree has taken my learning to a whole new level. My role as Project Coordinator takes me on fieldwork projects for Telstra where I get hands-on with diagnosing and fixing faults to power panels – something that is directly related to my studies! Having the chance to work on the equipment and technologies in real-time is just incredible and gives a lucidity that I would not have received just from textbooks alone. I’ve also learnt skills that I feel gives me an advantage in the workforce – time management, safety skills, good work ethic and knowledge of work responsibilities on the job. MIT has been integral in helping me gain this amazing internship and I’m really grateful to my Professor who believed in me, and Jared (Careers Advisor) who coached me. It’s clear that MIT not only wants to see its students succeed, but they’re also willing to put in the effort to do so.


Levi Butler

Bachelor of Business
Digital Marketing

One of the first thing my degree at MIT taught me is how to think critically and showed me just how valuable this trait is in the business world. MIT does a great job of exposing students to the culture surrounding the city and you’re also encouraged to develop your networks through meaningful events that the university organises. The classes are structured in such a way that it allows us to draw inferences between the theoretical concepts and the application of this knowledge in real life. There’s also an openness at MIT – right now I’m having a series of conversations with Associate Professor Monica Jurin which has made me think about life from a different perspective, and this has in turn helped me take a structured and systematic approach to my life so as to pursue my dreams. I would eventually like to be in a position in my life where I am able to provide the same mentorship and support to those who see potential in their lives and dream of big things, but lack the tools and resources to achieve them.  


Lachlan McInnes

Bachelor of Business

The small class sizes at MIT Sydney mean my lecturers and tutors actually have time to help me with any problems or questions I have. In addition to that, most of my lecturers put in a lot of effort in making each lesson as engaging and interesting as possible – which makes learning fun and encourages student participation! I’ve found that I have a better understanding of what I’m learning in my degree because of the way real life examples are constantly used in our classes to demonstrate how an abstract concept can be applied in the real world. Group work and communication skills are also heavily emphasized in my classes – something I know I will be applying throughout my career once I graduate from MIT Sydney.    


Kabiraj Khatri

Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Telecommunications)

As a child, I have always wondered how the telephone system works and dreamed of one day designing a mobile network. I have watched the telecommunication industry progress from LTE to 4G, and now as 5G approaches, my dream is to work in the 5G industry and contribute to the further development of this technology. I joined MIT because I heard great things about MIT from friends who studied here - specifically how the lecturers are specialists in their field and how relevant the course content is. So far, I’ve already had the chance to use the latest technologies to design a mobile network – something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve had guidance from a lecturer who has helped me achieve HDs for a subject I thought I would only just pass. And through the industry based project, I’ve been exposed to the programming side of the degree that I didn’t think I would be good at. Now, I not only have an in-depth knowledge of Arduino programming, but I’m also confident in my presentation and report writing skills. I really feel that everything I’m doing at MIT is helping me prepare for my career in 5G!  


Joshua Te Momo

Bachelor of Networking
Cyber Security

I’ve always enjoyed coding, so getting to learn programming languages like JAVA and SQL as part of my degree is very exciting for me. What I like about the degree is that it isn’t just theoretical, but has a lot of emphasis on practice-based learning which is great for learning concepts that you don’t have much experience in. I’ve managed to develop a methodical problem-solving mind set which I know will carry me in good stead whether as a programmer or a cyber-security specialist. Overall, the course is very well-rounded as I’ve had the chance to learn about professionalism in the workplace, and what to expect out there in the IT space from lecturers who have had many years of experience in the field themselves. 


Hamael  Malik

Bachelor of Business

Before coming to MIT, I always knew what I wanted to do with my life but wasn’t sure where to start. The lecturers have always motivated me to think beyond the box and shown a keen interest in my future – something that has driven me to excel. Over the past 2 years, I’ve not only learned marketing theories, but also got to apply them in practical settings. From creating websites and ads on social media, to working on projects for actual businesses, MIT has given me the skills and knowledge that I can use immediately in my career. This has made me a much more confident person today, who now knows how to go about creating the career I want. I’ve learnt so much from my degree and it’s definitely broadened my perspective. It’s made me look at business opportunities that I would not have considered. The location of the campus in the city is another thing I love about MIT. I’ve gained so much ideas and inspiration just from observing and sharing in the city life. My time has MIT has gone beyond the university experience.


Grishma Manandhar

Bachelor of Business

My degree has given me a lot of knowledge and skills that I know will be useful in my career goal as an accountant in a big firm. For example, I’m now well-versed in the accounting software, MYOB – something I had no experience in! The industry-based project I’m currently working on is also relevant to my accounting major. It involves solving the problem of an actual company that needs to figure out the best payroll system to use for now and in the future as the company grows in size. My team and I have been researching and reporting on the products available on the market that suit their needs, and in the process, we have learnt so much about billing and invoice requirements, how to deal with our clients, write reports and present like a professional! The support and feedback we received from our project supervisor has also been amazing. In fact, I’ve found that every one of my lecturers at MIT have been so friendly and ready to help – especially Dr Vanaja who has always gone above and beyond, whether through organising field trips to give us a practical experience, or answering questions on her days off. Her dedication to her students really show and I’ve found myself enrolling in her classes any chance I get.


Carolyne Kioko

Bachelor of Business

I’ve studied at another university in Australia so I can say with confidence that I’ve had the best study experience at MIT Sydney. I’ve found that MIT is dedicated to developing and growing the careers of students rather than just having a large number of student cohort every year. I’m astounded by the high level of support I’ve received from both teaching and non-teaching staff at MIT Sydney. The staff are highly qualified, but surprisingly approachable and always ready to share their knowledge with students. There are a great many stimulating exchanges during lectures, all with a supportive and collaborative vibe. Many a times, my lectures and tutorials have gone overtime just so we understand the concepts well. The careers workshops have also been illuminating – I’ve found so many more possibilities for my career that I hadn’t considered before! I feel heard at MIT - student life can be challenging sometimes so it’s great to have a personal academic support person who calls in every now and then to check in on you. They have been great to confide to and offered real solutions to my problems. MIT really cares about the wellbeing of their students and it shows from their amazing support programs.


Brie  Dancak

Bachelor of Business

My degree has provided me with so many levels of practical experience and insider knowledge even before I’ve graduated! Our lecturers and tutors have such vast experience within the business world – some own their own businesses, are at high level positions within a company, or have been involved in leading large scale projects in their careers. The Project Management unit has been the highlight of my studies so far as it has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to produce high level project proposals for industry. Dr Vanaja’s mentorship has been a huge contributor to my success in this unit - in fact, she even took the time to mentor each and every student in my class! I’ve had a very supportive experience at MIT which makes sense since there’s such a great range of resources available to students whether it be academic, mental health related, or career guidance. Career-wise, I now know that I want to get into management and human resources roles and eventually start my own business. This clarity has been possible because of studying the business management degree at MIT.


Abhishek Negi

Master of Professional Accounting

Despite not being from an accounting background, I’ve managed to excel in my course due to the support I’ve received from my professors early on in my degree in the Master of Professional Accounting. The majority of the teaching staff at MIT have a PhD which means students get specialist knowledge. Moreover, the course is carefully designed with a range of assessment tools that ensure students have an in-depth understanding of the concepts and are able to apply the theoretical knowledge properly to real life situations. My goal is to become a management accountant. Through the in-depth knowledge I’ve gained from this degree, I’m more confident than ever to pursue this path that combines my management experience with my newly polished skills learnt at MIT.