Student Engagement Plan: 2018 - 2020

Message from Director of Student Engagement and Marketing

Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT) continues its commitment to provide a first class learning environment that achieves student engagement and satisfaction as outlined in this Student Engagement Plan.
The aim of this Student Engagement Plan is to further refine MIT’s strategies to improve student experiences and skill development that result in improved student satisfaction, progression rates and graduate employment opportunities. This is done by providing a study environment that is participative, relevant and innovative.
In essence, student engagement is the degree of enthusiasm and motivation that a student has for their learning and the extent of their affinity with MIT. It is clearly seen that stronger student engagement occurs with the continuing commitment of MIT’s educators and their support staff utilising relevant student centric strategies.

Dr Patricia Stewart
Director of Student Engagement and Marketing



Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private higher education Institute offering programs to national and international students. These range from undergraduate to post graduate levels in Business, Accounting, Information Technology, Computer Networking and Engineering (Telecommunications). MIT also offers English Language (ELICOS) programs to international students.


In today’s digital age, technology has a profound effect in shaping higher education services and the learning process. Therefore, students are continually learning, both within and outside the Institute. MIT’s Office of Student Services and Engagement (OSSE) recognises this learning process as lifelong learning and offers services to support MIT students throughout the student lifecycle as they transition into and through the Institute. The Institute’s strategies, programs, and interventions are based on research and supported by data. This enables staff members to respond to the needs of today, as well as to anticipate the future.
As part of MIT’s ongoing commitment to redefining the student experience, the Institute is creating a transformational student experience program that is designed to lead to increased student retention, improved student engagement and satisfaction and improved student outcomes including post-graduation success.

Aim of the OSSE

Through student engagement, the OSSE aims to enhance student learning and development, leading to an improved educational experience, and preparing students for their chosen professions and for being contributing members of a global society.


The primary objectives of the Student Engagement Plan and Strategies are to:

  1. Enhance student support services to serve the needs of diverse student cohorts;
  2. Optimise student experience and satisfaction;
  3. Develop student’s skills in being successful learners;
  4. Engage the students in decisions regarding relevant Institute decisions including study environment, study programs, and student activities and
  5. Ensure students are career ready and develop pathways between study programs and graduate employment.


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