About MIT Student Engagement Programs


Welcome to MIT Community.

We understand that for many first semester international students living and studying in a new environment can be both exciting and challenging.

MIT provides a Buddy Program in our Melbourne and Sydney Campuses each trimester. This program is designed to make the transition into MIT as enjoyable and rewarding as possible for the Fresher. We match a current senior student (Buddy) with a small group of commencing students (Fresher) for a weekly coffee or chat for first four weeks of the trimester. This provides an informal and relaxed environment where the Fresher can query matters at MIT and beyond.

The Student Engagement Team

If you are a first semester international student at MIT or a continuing student who would like the support of a group of senior students to help your transition into a new living and study environment, join the MIT Buddy Program and experience first-hand life at MIT.

Ease your transition
If you are a first semester student at MIT Melbourne or Sydney Campuses or a current student who would like the support of a group of senior students to ease your transition into a new living and study environment, join the MIT Buddy Program and experience first-hand MIT’s hospitality and friendliness!

Make friends

New place, new environment and new teaching styles can be exciting and challenging. Imagine if you had a group of buddies that helped you along in the first few weeks of your life at MIT and who can help you to make new friends. Each Buddy will have group of first semester students (Freshers) and this group will form a “Welcome Team” that will engage new international students through informal, personalized and friendly social interactions.

Join a group of friends that will assist in your transition as you adjust to life in Australia.

Senior Student Buddy

We encourage all students in their second or higher trimesters who are in undergraduate or post graduate programs to apply for a senior student buddy position at MIT Melbourne or Sydney. Successful applicants will be part of a team which we refer as ‘The Welcome Team’.

Enrich your leadership skills

Volunteering to become a Buddy is an ideal way to get involved on your campus or make amazing friends including having fun as well as a perfect way of developing your leadership skills. Caring, hardworking, and mature students who are willing to take leadership role in our program are those students who we are looking for. Within a fun and supportive environment, we offer you the ability to increase your leadership skills. As an International Student Buddy you will be required to meet, motivate and engage with new international students to create an environment which assists the transition of students to life in Australia in a socially acceptable manner. All these factors will advance your personal and professional goals as assist you to become a better leader.

Benefits of the position:

  • This position is an unpaid volunteer position however the benefits are rewarding.
  • Reference letter after completing four weeks of buddy program.
  • Ability to add volunteer experience to your CV
  • Certificate of Participation


This program is open to all full-time enrolled students that are in their second trimester or higher and who are in good academic-standing at MIT.
To be successful in this program we require you to commit to the following events:

  • Attend Buddy/Leader Training
  • Attend start-up Meet and Greet
  • Attend Buddy Program organized event during the term
  • Meet with your buddy as prescribed

Join as a Senior Student Buddy today.

School/Staff Buddy

In partnership with Student Engagement and Services, Buddy program works with school/admin/staff and students to ensure our first Trimester students are welcomed and well-adjusted to life at MIT. If, interested, please contact one of our staff from your study campus below.

  • General Enquiries:
  • Melbourne Campus:
  • The Argus, 288 Latrobe Street
  • Melbourne 3000
  • Tel: 03-86006700
  • vyauw@mit.edu.au
  • Sydney Campus:
  • 154-158 Sussex Street
  • Sydney 2000
  • Tel: 2 8267 1400
  • bjones@mit.edu.au