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Accounting Accounting is the “language of business”; a system that collects, measures, and communicates all relevant financial information that an entity or a business requires for managing, reporting, resource allocation, and decision making purposes. Accounting is how business records, verifies, and reports values of assets, liabilities, income and expenses.
Marketing Marketing is the process of understanding, identifying, and anticipating consumers’ needs and wants, and then creating, communicating, and delivering a product or a service that satisfies consumer requirements, profitably. Marketing enables organisations to anticipate and respond to market demands, quickly and effectively, and maintain the organisation’s competitive edge in the dynamic global marketplace.
Telecommunications Telecommunications is the engineering discipline dedicated to the study and practice of communication over a long distance by cable, fibre and wireless means using telephone, telegraphy, satellite, radio and television broadcasting and mobile communication systems and devices. Telecommunication engineering encompasses the theory, design and practice of how to send analogue and digital data to long distances and the fabrication of devices which support them.
Business A degree that prepares you for work is more important than ever in the highly competitive workforce. Studying a business degree at MIT is not just about being an accountant, a manager or a marketer, but more importantly, it helps you develop the skills employers need.
Management Management is the process of planning, organising, directing, and monitoring the available company resources such as, human, financial, and technological resources, to accomplish company goals and objectives, efficiently and effectively.
System Admin System Administration is the study of how to design, implement, establish, configure, secure and maintain reliable operation of computer communication and enterprise networks. System administration processes provides support and facilitates sustainable modern electronic communication, information services, efficient data transfer, storage and access.
Networking The world is rapidly heading towards a digital revolution. From e-commerce to internet banking; communication to entertainment; smart grids to health care systems; and sharing resources to collaborating, computer networks can assist in every aspect of life, and improve efficiency across all business processes and decision making. As a discipline, Networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data. Networks are built using mixture of computer hardware and software.
English MIT English Language courses are the base for MIT international students’ future studies. Starting at General English levels and finishing at EAP, students learn all the crucial academic skills in order to succeed in the higher education programs. Learning in context, participating in social events and local excursions is our way to study and learn here at MITLC.
Information Technology Information Technology covers foundations of computing, including computer hardware and architecture, web and multimedia technologies, operating systems and networking fundamentals. Learning is based on hands-on practical experience with different computer technologies, in both individual and collaborative modes

Why Choose MIT

Smaller class sizes means fewer students resulting more personal attention from lecturers for better academic performance.

A Trimester system provides greater flexibility for entry and exit and allows students to accelerate a three year degree into just two.

Pathway to 2nd year uni - Complete a MIT Diploma in Business or IT in eight months and then enter into the second year of a relevant Bachelor degree the following year without any downtime.

Industry accredited courses - MIT ensures professional accreditation and endorsement for all its Undergraduate and Graduate programs and offers industry placements and internship programs.


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