About MIT Student Engagement Programs

MIT Mentor Program

The Mentoring Program is an extremely useful tool that can be of great benefit to all currently enrolled students. It is especially valuable for first year students transitioning from high school to higher education, or coming from different cultural and learning background, the Australian education system can be both exciting and overwhelming.   The MIT Mentor Program is a Peer Mentoring program to assist all first year commencing students to adapt to the Higher Education system.  This program is aimed at bringing together students from different year groups to form one-to-one mentoring relationships.  This program enables new students (Mentees) to have the opportunity to learn and share experiences from senior students (Mentors) to enhance your learning so students are successful in their studies.

"Enriching the First Year Student Learning Experience"

What is Mentoring?

It is a service for students requesting additional assistance in specific units. It is a free program designed to give students a greater chance of achieving academic success through the experiences of students who have succeeded in the specific unit. Students requesting further guidance in specific subjects are matched with volunteer students who scored high results for that unit in the previous trimester. Mentors provide help with understanding the unit, completing assessment tasks and preparing for exams: they don't do the work for those being mentored. Mentors do not replace academic staff, rather they provide a different student-centred perspective on the unit.

The Student Engagement Team

Join MIT Mentor Program as a Mentee

Peer mentoring can help new students (Fresher) adapt to a new academic environment faster as Mentors are chosen because they are academically successful. As a consequence, they serve as role models to achieve academic success.

Mentoring also provides opportunities to develop your academic learning skills and understanding of subject/unit concepts in an informal peer to peer environment. You will experience a relationship, in which a person who is not responsible for assessing, is actually concerned with your learning.

As a first year student, you will be part of a group of a number of other students from similar programs. Your group will be led by a Peer Mentor, a second year or final year senior student.

Become a Mentor

Benefits of the Mentoring to the Mentors:

  • Develop and enhance your skills in communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills and conflict resolution skills, which all are transferable to the job market
  • Get to know your School better and have staff see you as leader
  • Acquire experience which can add value to your CV
  • Résumé building opportunity - to show potential employers that you are a leader
  • Receive a letter of recommendation and a certificate of participation upon completion of a trimester as a mentor
  • Make a difference to your fellow students and improve the student experience on campus.

Students have the opportunity to engage in mentoring activities at every stage of their learning journey.

Eligibility to become a Mentor

For Mentors, this program is open to all full-time enrolled students who are in their second year or higher and who are in good academic-standing at MIT.

Mentors’ priorities are firstly as a student, and undertaking mentoring should not jeopardize their own academic success. It is expected that mentors would continue to achieve academic success in their programs. If there is a danger of that not occurring, it is expected that the mentors will speak to their relevant program coordinators to ensure that their grade average is preserved or enhanced.

Statement of Understanding

It is also expected that Mentors will adhere to the Mentor’s Position Description and on the signing of this document the mentor is agreeing to the content and the duties and expectations. These would be items for discussion during meetings and training and documented in the forms attaining to the Mentoring program. Contracts will be signed before the Mentor is trained.

To be successful in this program we require you to commit to the following events:

  • Attend Mentor/Leader Training
  • Meet with your mentees as prescribed
  • Ongoing training throughout the trimester

 Mentor PD (Position Description)

  • General Enquiries:
  • Melbourne Campus:
  • The Argus,
  • Level 6
  • 288 La Trobe Street
  • Melbourne 3000
  • Tel: 03-86006700
  • tstrike@mit.edu.au
  • Sydney Campus:
  • Level 6
  • 154-158 Sussex Street
  • Sydney 2000
  • Tel: 2 8267 1400
  • phayeck@mit.edu.au