Intake Dates 2016-17

MIT has three intakes in each academic year. These intake dates listed below are expanded to show the dates of enrolment, the start and finish dates of the teaching periods, the exam period and holidays between intakes. The commencement dates indicate the deadline to apply for MIT programs. All applications must be submitted before this date. We encourage you to apply as early as possible in order to successfully enrol in your chosen intake.

Trimester 1, 2017
Mon 13th March, 2017 Labour Day Public Holiday (Victoria Only)
Mon 14th March, 2017 Orientation Week begins (specific to Melbourne Campus only)
Mon 13th March, 2017 Orientation Week begins (specific to Sydney Campus only)
Mon 20th March, 2017 Classes commence
Fri - Mon 14th to 17th April, 2017 Easter break
Tue 25th April, 2017 Anzac Day
Fri 09th June, 2017 Classes end
Sat 10th June, 2017 SWOT vacation commences
Mon  12th June, 2017 Queen’s Birthday
Wed 14th June, 2017 Final Examination commences
Fri 7th July, 2017 Results Published
Trimester 2, 2017
Mon 10th July, 2017 Orientation Week begins
Mon 17th July, 2017 Classes commence
Fri 29th September, 2017 Friday before the AFL Grand Final Public Holiday (VIC only)
Mon 02nd October, 2017 Labour Day (NSW only)
Fri 06th October, 2017 Classes end
Sat 07th October, 2017 SWOT vacation commences
Wed 11th October, 2017 Final Examination commences
Fri 3rd November, 2017 Results Published
Trimester 3, 2017
Mon 06th November, 2017 Orientation Week begins
Tue 07th November, 2017 Melbourne Cup Public Holiday (VIC Only)
Mon 13th November, 2017 Classes commence
Mon-Fri 25th December, 2017 - 29th December, 2017 Christmas Break
Mon 01st January, 2018 New Year's Day Public Holiday
Fri 26th January, 2018 Australia Day Public Holiday
Fri 09th February, 2018 Classes end
Sat 10th February, 2018 SWOT vacation commences
Wed 14th February, 2018 Final Examination commences
Fri 09th March, 2018 Results Published

SWOT Vacation: Study without teaching vacation