Graduate attributes

1. Preamble

MIT is a quality provider of professional, accredited, higher education courses in business and information technology. MIT courses (undergraduate and post graduate courses at diploma, bachelor and master degree levels) are developed and reviewed following extensive consultation with industry leaders, employers, professional bodies and senior academics to ensure the course materials are current, practical and relevant to the business community worldwide. MIT courses integrate theory and practice, collaborative learning, research and industry based projects, written reports, oral presentations, case studies using technology to assist students master key employable skills of communication, collaboration, problem solving and self-direction ensuring that MIT Graduates are "work ready".

Communication The ability to communicate effectively and appropriately in a range of contexts to achieve high order speaking, listening, reading, writing, numeracy and information technology communication skills.
Independent and lifelong learning A capacity to be a self directed learner and thinker and to study and work independently. Resulting in continuous learning, resilience, confidence, learning transferable and time management skills and an ability to learn independently.
Ethics Awareness, sensitivity, and commitment to ethics and ethical standards in personal, social, business and professional contexts.
Analytical and Problem Solving The ability to collect, analyse and evaluate information and ideas and to solve problems by thinking clearly, critically and creatively to solve problems and issues using established methods of enquiry.
Cultural and Global Awareness An acknowledgment of and respect for: equality of opportunity; individual and social responsibility; and a recognition and appreciation of other cultures and times recognizing the global context of business.
Team work Cooperation, Participation and Leadership A capacity to relate to, collaborate with, and, where appropriate lead others, and to exchange views and ideas in order to achieve desired outcomes through teamwork, negotiation, conflict resolution, and leadership.
Specialist knowledge of a field of study Comprehensive specialist knowledge of a field of study and defined professional skills ensuring work readiness.