MIT's Corporate and Social Responsibility


MIT has continued to expand its corporate responsibility direction by its work with the MIT Foundation and also starting to concentrate on accrediting the workplace as a White Ribbon organisation against domestic violence of women.

The desire of the MIT Board and its CEO is to put back into the community whilst still aiming at being a leading private Institute of higher education nationally and internationally by proactively developing innovative educational approaches to meet industry needs and by a commitment to inspire tomorrow’s graduates.

MIT sees these two factors as capable of coexistence with one fostering and supporting the other to the mutual benefit of both. MIT recognizes the need to give back to the communities and nations which have provided them the opportunity to succeed. This is in particular Australia but also globally – especially for events that have a highly negative social consequence such as the earthquake in Nepal. It believes that by investing, developing and fostering philanthropic ventures will only make MIT stronger with a social conscience that will spread to its employees and other networks it has in the outside world.