Partner With Us

MIT offers potential partners to engage in a range of opportunities to benefit from MIT’s ‘best and brightest’ and from its core areas of expertise in AI, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Accounting and Marketing and to add value in unique and worthwhile ways.

Why partner with MIT?

Explore options that suit you and see how easy it is to get started- you can:

  • Host an Intern at your organisation at no cost to you
  • Let us connect you with a team of final year students who can work on a project you don’t have the time or resources to tackle right now
  • Seek fresh ideas on innovative projects your already have in the pipeline
  • Ask us to recruit a team of volunteers to support your community or charity event as part of our Global Community+ program
  • Find new pre-screened employees by advertising through us free of charge
  • Give back- share your skills and expertise in varied ways

Partner with us

Contact us today to discuss partnership opportunities:

Melbourne Campus:

Ph: (03) 8600 6763


Sydney Campus:

Phone (02) 8267 1464


Alternatively, you can submit an industry client proposal online today

Sharing expertise to solve problems

Industry Projects are diverse and designed to meet the client’s needs. Download our Industry Brochure now.