School of Business

About The School

Welcome to the School of Business at MIT. The School seeks to meet the challenge of providing quality business graduates while enhancing student engagement in a learning environment.

The School offers Accounting; Digital Marketing; Management or Marketing specialisations which help prepare students for their chosen careers as well as offering a positive experience in a supportive setting. All school academics bring real world experience into the classroom so that students do not learn just from theory but from their vast experience as well.

With this in mind, the School of Business has developed Bachelor, Graduate Diploma and Masters Degree programs in consultation with business and industry. The School is committed to giving students the best possible education and assist with the development of business skills, and an international perspective, that will assist them when moving into the next phase of their careers.

The course is accredited by CPA Australia and ICAA providing allied global membership and providing recognition internationally.

Our Graduates

Graduates from the School of Business are equipped and, with a positive approach to continuing life-long learning, enabled to maintain their currency in knowledge and skills, as well as operate as commercially valuable professionals in Digital Marketing or Marketing or Accounting or Management careers.

The structure of the programs and their nested courses are based on MIT’s graduate attributes, the specific course learning outcomes as aligned with the AQF framework, and the requirements of relevant professional associations (such as CPA Australia). In addition, the School has determined that, as well as their discipline knowledge and problem solving abilities, graduates should exhibit a number of professional attributes. These inputs determine the structure of the courses, as the units include not only discipline knowledge but also complementary skills applicable in a professional setting.


People and Contacts

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