Strategic Plan



This Strategic Plan (2018-2022), builds on our achievements from our previous Strategic Plan (2015-2017), with particular emphasis on innovative and practical educational programs, an inclusive, service oriented culture and improved outcomes for our students. We will support these goals with cutting-edge technologies, support for our staff and strong interactions with industry and alumni.

Our fundamental mission, vision and values remain the same, but as our Strategic Plan (2018-2022) is a dynamic document, its priorities will be reviewed annually and will be modified as required, including modifications to align with changes in governmental regulations and market conditions. We will also use an in-depth approach to implement the plan and to evaluate progress against it.


MIT continues to be a leading private higher education provider nationally and internationally by proactively developing innovative educational programs to meet industry needs and by a commitment to inspire tomorrow’s graduates.


MIT, through its higher education programs and personalised and transformational student experience, provides the opportunity for individuals to access knowledge and to enrich and transform their futures.


  1. Excellence.
    • Excellence in learning - engaging our students through small class sizes, face-to-face student and staff consultation, and making our students’ aspirations, experience, needs and feedback fundamental to evaluating our performance and driving continuous improvement.
    • Excellence in teaching – through outstanding learning environments, offering industry-relevant curricula, combined with academic rigor including recruiting and retaining highly qualified staff.
  2. Integrity. Conducting ourselves with honesty, transparency and the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our activities and holding to these standards for our staff and students alike.
  3. Accountability. Being accountable to our students, staff, each other, and to relevant industry bodies by adopting best practice in academic and corporate governance.
  4. Transformational Change. Providing effective and innovative teaching methods and a diverse range of student support services to enhance our students’ learning experience and opportunity for success.

Goals and Priorities:

  1. Develop and deliver innovative programs that meet industry and market needs
  2. Provide an inclusive, service-oriented culture focused on student outcomes
  3. Raise our profile and the impact of our teaching and learning and student engagement with our stakeholders
  4. Provide inclusive, innovative and responsible education

Enabling Elements

To ensure these goals and priorities are fulfilled, our Institute must be working at its optimum capacity. This means continuing to value our people, enhancing our financial sustainability, embracing technology and adhering to our values as an organisation.

  1. Our people
  2. Technology

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