Strategic Plan



This Strategic Plan (2023-2027) builds on our achievements from our previous Strategic Plan (2017-2022), with particular emphasis on high-quality student programs and organisational agility to enable MIT to renew its growth trajectory, achieve University status, and lay the foundations for the next decade of success.

We will enable these aspirations with cutting-edge technologies, support for our staff, and sustained engagement with industry and alumni.

Our fundamental mission, vision and values remain largely the same, but as our Strategic Plan (2023-2027) is a dynamic document, we will review the priorities annually and update them as required, including making refinements to align with changes in government regulations and market conditions. We will also use an in-depth approach to implement the plan and evaluate progress against it.


MIT aspires to be one of the leading providers of industry-engaged, employment-focused higher education programs, equipping students with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to build successful careers.


MIT inspires students and helps them create their future through employment-focused educational programs. Our programs are developed and delivered in collaboration with industry, and underpinned by excellence in learning and teaching, scholarship and research.


MIT’s values are at the heart of everything we do. They are ingrained in the character of our organisation and the work we do.

  1. Excellence.
    • Excellence in learning - We engage our students through small class sizes, face-to-face student and staff consultation. We make our students’ aspirations, experience, needs and feedback fundamental to evaluating our performance and driving continuous improvement.
    • Excellence in teaching – We provide outstanding learning environments, offering industry-relevant curricula, combined with academic rigor including recruiting and retaining highly-qualified staff.
  2. Integrity. We retain an enduring commitment to honesty, transparency and the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our activities.
  3. Accountability. We are accountable to our students, staff, each other, and to relevant industry bodies by adopting best practice in academic and corporate governance.
  4. Transformational Change. We are committed to innovation in our teaching methods and support services, tailoring them to enhance our students’ learning experience and equip them for sustained professional success.
  5. Agility. MIT is an agile, ever-learning organisation. We continuously evolve to improve learning and teaching, enhance the student experience, diversify and grow.

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