Applying for a student visa

As a prospective international student applying to study in Australia, you must obtain a student visa before travelling to Australia. The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs issues student visas. There are a number of specific requirements that you must meet before a student visa can be issued. These requirements vary- depending on your nationality and the level or type of study you intend to undertake.

For further assistance or information on student visas, visit the Department of Home Affairs website. You may also get help from an Australian Diplomatic Mission or an MIT authorised agent in your home country.

Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF)

Under the Simplified Student Visa Framework(SSVF), MIT must ensure that all international students meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) and Genuine Student (GS) criteria and have access to sufficient funds to support themselves for the duration of their student visa. This means that MIT will assess:

  • Your main purpose of coming to Australia on a student visa
  • Your academic history
  • Your English language proficiency
  • Your financial background and capacity to support you and any other accompanying dependents for the duration of your student visa
  • Whether you accept responsibility for obtaining student visa and that you will comply with the conditions of your student visa
  • Your understanding of your chosen course and its structure, total tuition fees and living expenses in Australia
  • Whether you can talk about the advantages of studying in Australia compared to your home country, and how studying in Australia will benefit you in the future

MIT may request you to provide additional documents and information, which may include your employment records, educational history, and financial history, which provides the information we need to assess your application under MIT’s SSVF guidelines.

For more info on the SSVF, visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website here .

Student visa conditions

Whilst studying in Australia, your visa is subject to a number of visa conditions that you must comply with. It is your responsibility as a visa holder to be aware of these conditions. For detailed information on student visa conditions, please visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover)

It is a condition of your student visa that you must maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your studies, for yourself and your dependents. Most OSHC plans allow students to claim approximately 85 per cent of the fee for a standard medical consultation. OSHC does not cover dental or optical treatment or physiotherapy, so you may need to take out additional health cover directly with your provider to cover these services.

MIT's preferred OSHC provider is Allianz Care Australia. Find out more about OSHC here.

Work opportunities

As an international student, you are permitted to engage in paid employment for up to 40 hours per fortnight, during course study periods, and full-time during scheduled course breaks. However, you should keep in mind that work may not be readily available, and you should not rely on this form of income to support your study and living costs.

ESOS - Education Services for Overseas Students

The Department of Education regulates the ESOS Act, a legal framework that governs the responsibility of education institutions towards overseas students. The legislation ensures quality education and consumer protection for students studying in Australia on a student visa. For a brief overview of the ESOS Framework, including your rights and responsibilities as an overseas student, visit

Bringing your family

If you are married or have a partner and children, you can include them when you lodge your visa application. There are a certain rules and regulations for family members accompanying you.

You’ll need to pay for any dependent children to go to either public or private schools in Australia. You must check with the Australian Government Department of Education or an Australian Diplomatic Mission about bringing your family, as there are certain restrictions -depending on the Assessment Level of your country.

You will also need to provide OSHC membership for all family members accompanying you to Australia.

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