MIT's stance against family violence


MIT is proud to have achieved and be recognized as a fully accredited White Ribbon Workplace engendering a whole of organization commitment to creating a safer and respective workplace committed to stopping violence against women. As an internationally recognized accreditation program building on existing gender equality and diversity initiatives, the program also supports victims of family violence. 

MIT recognizes that this situation can occur both within and outside of MITs own community of staff and students and we support any student or staff who is impacted by family violence by giving them access to professional counselling and other support necessary to assist the victim to be in a secure and caring environment.

The carriage of this direction is forged by the members of the Executive Management Team with members representing both genders who have a commitment to reducing violence against women.

MIT also urges students and staff to engage in the White Ribbon program via the following measures:

  • Get involved by swearing the oath, becoming an ambassador or becoming a 'Face of White Ribbon'.
  • There is an array of information on White Ribbon and associated activities on the White Ribbon webpage.
  • You can swear the White Ribbon Oath online:
  • You may also wish to participate in the White Ribbon online training program.
  • Male staff members can sign up to become a White Ribbon Workplace Ambassador or any staff member can become an advocate.
  • The YouTube Tedtalk by Jackson Katz is recommended viewing. This is a thought-provoking talk that challenges the concept of domestic violence and sexual abuse being called "women's issues". In this bold and blunt talk, Katz points out that these are intrinsically men's issues and shows how these violent behaviours are tied to definitions of manhood. It is a clear call for us all — women and men — to call out unacceptable behaviour and be leaders of change.