Welcome to what we hope, is the start of an active alumni network. Upon graduating, you automatically become a member of MITs ever-expanding 15,000 strong worldwide alumni network and I encourage you to stay in touch with MIT.

Networking and Events

MIT runs activities each year for our alumni including Alumni Meets, Dinner Dances, etc., in addition to inviting our alumni to join MIT in celebrating our milestones such as our recent official opening of ‘The Argus MIT’ Melbourne campus and our 21st anniversary as a “leader of Australia’s international education industry’ having contributed ‘21 years of educational excellence within Australia”.

Staying in touch

To date, all communication with our alumni has been via the “MIT Australia” Facebook page and via Electronic Direct Mail (EDM), including invitations to attend our networking and event functions.

In order to receive these invitations, please complete the ‘Update my personal details’ online form.

Alumni Testimonials

As your alma-mater, MIT looks forward in celebrating your successes with you. These successes include professional (e.g.: obtaining a promotion, starting your own business, etc.) and personal successes. Please click here to read "Alumni Testimonials".

Giving Back

Thank-you to all our alumni who have contacted us wanting to ‘give something back to MIT by supporting current students’. This support ranges from volunteering to deliver a talk to our new students at orientation, acting as ‘mentors’ to final year students, to offering internship opportunities,

Please feel free to contact us at to for all alumni enquiries, including the share your success stories.