Research Degrees at MIT

Melbourne Institute of Technology launches two higher degrees in 2023

We’re delighted to announce two new master’s degrees by research at Melbourne Institute of Technology.

From March 2023 intake onwards, MIT offers:

The new degrees focus on subject areas with a demand for critical thinking. These include ICT, Accounting and Management, areas of strength for the MIT faculty. Their research will build on the body of work already developed by MIT and others.

Who are these degrees for?

Higher degrees are ideal for students who want to make their mark by becoming an expert in one area.

Graduates can take up a career as a business researcher or progress to further education, including a PhD.

Impactful research

The intention is to create original research that can shape industry developments. Each course follows a two-year program. In the first year, tutors expose students to developments in their chosen subject. This gives students a grounding to identify their chosen area for research. Students complete their thesis in the second year.

Support from start to finish

This course provides students with excellent support. MIT will support students as they select their research topic. The students will receive primary and secondary support from the start to the end of the degree.

Building the leaders of tomorrow

These master's degrees teach deep reasoning skills and creative thinking. Students learn to apply their knowledge to solve complex business problems. Graduates of the new master’s degrees will be in a good position to become leaders in ICT and business.

When do these courses begin?

The first intake is in March 2023. It will run yearly after that.

Do students need to know what topic they want to look at for their research thesis?

No, they don’t need to know their topic before they start the degree. We’ve designed the course to introduce students to a range of topics so they can pick one that interests them.

How much support is available during the research process?

We will support students with both primary and secondary supervision from early in the course when they select their chosen subject area.

How many words is the research thesis?

The research thesis will be 20,000 - 30,000 words.

How long will it take to write the research thesis?

We expect students to begin their research thesis research towards the end of their first year of study and over that holiday period. They’ll then be working intensively on their thesis until the end of the second year of study.

Where can students expect to publish their thesis?

A simplified excerpt of your thesis could appear in a publication like The Conversation.

Is this course available to domestic and international students?

Yes, this course is available to both international and domestic students. For further information, please call us.

Can students study this course online?

No, this course is only available on campus, face-to-face, in either Melbourne or Sydney.