Melbourne Institute of Technology 2019 Graduation Ceremony

School of Business Graduates & School of IT & Engineering Undergraduates


School of IT & Engineering Postgraduates

Welcome to MIT's graduation application process.

If you believe you are eligible to graduate from your course please take time to read the information carefully so that you are familiar with all the procedures associated with the graduation process. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for their graduation.

This information and graduation application is only applicable to all MIT students.

Note: Federation University students, please refer to the University graduation site at


Graduation from Melbourne Institute of Technology certifies the achievement of a satisfactory level of academic and professional proficiency in all courses as defined in the individual's program plan. The requirement for graduation for undergraduate and postgraduate programs is the attainment of a minimum cumulative credit points.

For example all undergraduate courses at MIT require completion of 24 units equivalent to 360 credit points and the Masters Programs require a total of 240 credit points. Course credits that have been completed elsewhere, where appropriate and credit transfer has been approved, will count towards determining the student's credit points.

Students, who have applied for graduation, but do not complete their program requirements before the graduation date; must apply again to become re-eligible for the next graduation date.

Verification of Course Completion

Students who are eligible to graduate can collect their course completion letter and academic transcript from MIT, two weeks after the result publication date in their final trimester.

Conferral date:
Guest Speaker:
Academic Regalia and Ceremony Cost

MIT makes arrangements for the Academic Dress (Regalia) for each eligible candidate. Candidates must pay for such arrangements in accordance to their course. Current pricing details are shown below:

Ceremony Cost$162
Regalia Hire 
What academic regalia do I need to hire?
Diploma graduatesGown + Stole$48
Graduate Diploma graduatesGown + Stole + Mortar$64
Bachelor graduatesGown + Hood + Mortar$63
Masters graduatesGown + Hood + Mortar$63

Note: the gown and accompanying stole and/or mortar is compulsory for all graduates. Failure to select the correct regalia could make your application void.

* Disclaimer:  These costs and charges are subject to change without prior notice.  MIT gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of pricing and you should contact MIT Student Services to confirm the pricing.

Graduating in Absentia

If you do not wish to attend the graduation ceremony you still need to complete the online graduation application to graduate in absentia and receive your testamur. You will have the option of collecting your testamur from your MIT Campus or have it sent it you by registered post after the Graduation Ceremony. The cost of registered post within Australia is $20 and $60 for International. Students that graduate in absentia will not be allowed to attend a subsequent graduation ceremony.

Candidates are required to pick up and return the Academic Regalia at the venue on the day. It is recommended that students pick up their regalia 1.5 hours prior to the ceremony. Regalia must be returned within forty five minutes after the ceremony.

If a candidate fails to return the regalia within the prescribed time they will be required to pay a PENALTY. Late return of the regalia will attract a charge of $70.00 + GST per day. If the regalia are not returned within 2 days the candidate will be asked to pay the replacement cost of the regalia, plus a $30 +GST administrative fee.


The Candidate is responsible for the academic dress for the entire time of hire and must return the dress without damage. Damage to dress will be charged to the Candidate. Candidates may be required to pay the full replacement cost of the regalia.

Additional Guest Tickets

Graduands are provided with two guest tickets as part of the graduation fee. Additional guest tickets may be requested however, due to venue capacity additional tickets are subject to restrictions and approval.


Any order for academic dress hire that is cancelled up to 10days before the ceremony, will be given a full refund. If an order is cancelled after 10 days prior to the ceremony, or where the academic dress is not collected, the Candidate will not be entitled to a refund. Candidates who fail to attend the ceremony will ibe ineligible for refund unless it is due to the following:

Where a Candidate is unable to attend the nominated ceremony because of illness or for other serious reason/s, but can attend another. A credit for the full amount will be given towards the Candidate’s subsequent order for another ceremony. The Candidate will be required to submit evidence of their exceptional circumstances and will need to complete another application by the relevant closing date.


Personal information disclosed to MIT will not be released to a third party, unless required for the specific organisation of the Graduation Ceremony, to confirm Graduate eligibility or if MIT is compelled or authorised to do so by Law.

Credit card details received for payment will only be retained until such times as hired property is returned and the charging of any PENALTY fees for damage or non-return have been levied.

MIT is committed to maintaining the security of any personal data collected and protecting it from loss, theft or alteration. This applies to demographic information, client site usage, and personally identifiable information. Email addresses may be used to communicate with candidates at a later date. Data collected is stored on a secure server that can be accessed by authorised MIT personnel only.

To safeguard all information collected, MIT and its employees adhere to and follow the legally required Privacy Legislation.

Applications and payment for the MIT Graduation Ceremony are to be completed online. Apply online by logging into the MIT Graduation Application site with your Student ID and Date of Birth.

MIT Graduation Application site:

The MIT Student Services team will be in contact with you once your application has been processed and closer to the graduation ceremony date.

How do I apply for graduation?

Go to the MIT Graduation Application page and complete the online application.

What do I do if I am not sure about the course I have studied?

Please contact Ms. Lin Zhan in the Enrolments Department at or on 03 8600 6700.

What Academic Dress should I get if I have studied a Diploma and another degree?

Generally students would choose to wear the highest level of study.  If you are unsure, feel free to talk to the Client Services Team on level 2M at 288 La Trobe St, Melbourne 3000.

 Is there a difference between a Bachelor’s gown and Master’s gown?

Yes, there may be a difference in the items required - refer to the information on the Application Form

Can I wear my own gown?

Generally students are asked to hire or purchase the gown and would not wear their own gown.

If you feel that your gown is the same as the ones used at the MIT Ceremony, please check with the Student Services Officer for confirmation on level 2M, 288 La Trobe St Melbourne VIC 3000.

What academic regalia do I need to hire?

Diploma graduates: gown + stole
Graduate Diploma graduates: gown + stole + mortar
Bachelor graduates: gown + hood + mortar
Masters graduates: gown + hood + mortar

Note: the gown and accompanying stole and/or mortar is compulsory for all graduates. Failure to select the correct regalia could make your application void.

Where should I return my Academic Dress?

Gowns will be picked up and returned to an allocated area at the Graduation Ceremony Venue on the day of the Ceremony.

All students are required to present their receipt when picking up their gowns which should be done at least 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to the ceremony.

Each student will be allocated a gown which will have a name slip attached to it. Gowns must be returned to the same location no later than 45 minutes after the conclusion of the ceremony and the slip returned with the gown.

All students in the ceremony are required to sign in when picking up the gown and sign out when the gown is returned. Students must remember to return the slip with their gown when returning the gown at the end of the ceremony.

When should I return my Academic Dress?

Academic Dress must be returned no later than 45 minutes after the completion of your graduation ceremony. Penalties apply for any late returns.

How can I pay?

Payments can be made in person at the Finance Counter located at Level 2M, 288 La Trobe Street, Melbourne.

Can I pay for my Academic Dress at the time of collection?

No, you are required to pay in advance and present a receipt on collection of the regalia.

Do you accept cash?

Yes, you can make cash payments at the Finance Counter located at Level 2, 288 La Trobe Street, Melbourne.

What graduation services are available on the day?

There are a number of services available on the day:

  • Students will be assisted in gowning by allocated staff.
  • Students will have the option of having professional photos taken by professional photographers, who will be available for up to an hour and a half prior to the official start time of the ceremony and an hour after the conclusion of the ceremony
  • The professional photographers will also take individual photos of each conferring of degree which can be purchased
  • A Video of the Ceremony will also be taken on the day

Please refer to the MIT graduation information page for further information.

Where will the graduation services be located on the day?

The Mayfair Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Hotel
123 Collins Street, Melbourne

What time do I need to arrive at the venue?

Students are asked to pick up their robes 1.5 hours prior to the commencement of the ceremony.  The official ceremony will commence at 2:30pm and therefore we recommend that you arrive between 1:00pm and 1:30pm

 Will there be a practice?

Students will need to be seated by 1:45pm on the day as they will be asked to have a practice run and be given some specific instructions. 

 When will my family and friends be able to enter the room the ceremony will be held in?

Invited Family and friends will be allowed entry and be guided by MIT staff to the seating area from 2:10pm and should stay seated once they enter. We do not recommend taking small children to the ceremony as it can be quite tiresome for them to stay still and quiet for long periods.  

When should I have my photographs taken?

For your convenience, you are encouraged to have your photographs taken before the ceremony, immediately after you are gowned. Choosing to have your photographs taken after the ceremony may result in long delays.

Graduands must check in at the photographer's reception desks to have their portraits taken.

Can I have a family member or friend take photos during the ceremony?

Photos cannot be taken during the ceremony as it is very distracting. We recommend that if a friend or family wants photos that you either have professional ones taken at the venue (see information above) or that they take photos outside the Ballroom before or after the ceremony. The Official Party will also return to the ceremonial rooms for 10 minutes after the ceremony is finished for students wishing to take photos with them.

Where can I park on the day of the graduation ceremony?

The venue has their own parking facilities which can be available at the student's cost. There is also ample public/commercial parking available around the graduation venue.

Is the graduation ceremony venue accessible by public transport?

Yes, the graduation venue is in the Melbourne CBD. The CBD is well serviced by Public transport. The closest train station to the venue is Parliament Station. For more specific timetables and trains available refer to

Will any food be served at the ceremony?

MIT provides all graduates and invited guests with light refreshments after the graduation ceremony.

What should I wear under the gown?

As the gowns offer some measure of warmth, it is highly recommended that you keep this in mind when choosing what you are going to wear to your graduation ceremony. 

As this is an auspicious event,  Business or semi formal attire is required.  We recommend that male students wear a suit and tie and that female students wear attire that is suitable for a special occasion.  Casual wear is not allowed.

I have already been provided with my testamur but need a replacement?

You will need to apply for a duplicate testamur, complete the attached form and follow the instructions on the form