CEO's message to graduating students

Congratulations to our newest alumni, the Class of 2019!

Over the course of your time at MIT, you have demonstrated courage, dedication, and the development of key skills required to succeed in your chosen industry.   

Graduation is a moment in your life that you will always remember. I praise your sheer commitment and hard work.  Be proud of what you have achieved and remember those who have supported you in your academic journey. 

Learning has no boundaries, today you graduate with core attributes unique to your chosen profession.  I encourage you to make the most of your qualification from MIT, now as a recent graduate and throughout your career. 

Take full advantage of the powerful network and long term friendships you have established during your time at MIT. Like you, your fellow students will grow and thrive in their future. As you maintain these valuable connections, you will be able to assist each other to fulfill your highest potential in your chosen careers.

MIT is proud of its alumni family, I look forward to welcoming you to join this dynamic community.

I wish you every success as you enter this next exciting stage of your life and career, and trust that you will stay connected with MIT in the years to come.

Once again, I congratulate you and celebrate your achievements. 


Dr. Shesh Ghale (h.c.)
Chief Executive Officer


CEO - Dr. Shesh Ghale