Student Representation

Students play an active role in the governance of MIT

MIT values student feedback to improve the student experience

An important channel for your feedback is student representatives on MIT committees. Contact your student representatives to give your suggestions for improving your units, course or other aspects of student life.

We have student representatives on several committees and boards of the Institute to ensure that the student's voice is adequately heard. Our students and alumni are proud of representing their colleague’s best interests to drive MIT forward and guide new initiatives.


Student Representation

The governance of an organisation is the structure and process which allows planning and decision-making to take place. It is about effective management and accountability to stakeholders. The table below lists the range of student representative positions at MIT.

Board/ Committee Terms of Reference Student Representation
Academic Appeals Committee (AAC) Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure, Section 4.1

One (1) member who is an enrolled higher education student at MIT selected by the Chair of the Academic Appeals Committee

Academic Board (AB) Functions of the Academic Board

Two (2) members who are enrolled higher education students at MIT selected by the Board. One member from each MIT Campus.

One (1) member who is an Alumni of MIT selected by the Board.

Learning and Teaching Committee About the Learning and Teaching Committee

Two (2) members who are enrolled higher education students at MIT selected by the Committee. One member from each MIT Campus.

Student Experience Committee (SEC) About the Student Experience Committee

Four (4) members who are enrolled higher education students at MIT selected by the Committee. Two members from each MIT Campus.

Student and Staff Consultative Committee About the SSCC’s

Unlimited/ Undefined

Becoming a Student Representative

Considering taking on a Student Leadership position at the MIT? You can nominate for a range of positions – in fact, you are encouraged to nominate for all positions you are interested in. Apply now.


Benefits of being a student representative

As a student representative you get to collaborate with staff to enhance your academic program and experience at MIT. You’ll develop:

  • strong advocacy skills
  • the ability to manage meetings
  • effective collaboration skills
  • leadership confidence
  • conversational skills, and
  • the ability to problem-solve with peers in a professional environment.

You will be able to recognise your new skills through the GlobalCommunity+ program and highlight these skills to potential employers via your resume and LinkedIn profiles.

Involvement as a student representative

As a student representative you will have the opportunity to actively participate in meetings and represent the student body in key plans and decisions.

To make the most of your experience and learn how to advocate effectively for students, general committee representatives receive access to free training and recognition for their participation through the GlobalCommunity+ program. Committee training is a two hour session which helps representatives:

  • learn committee and board meeting protocols
  • develop leadership qualities
  • enhance communication and interpersonal skills
  • learn how to prepare committee reports
  • explain GC+ eligibility

Eligible students who attend training receive a certificate signed by the Campus Director.

Service period

Student representatives generally serve for a period of one year from 1 January to 31 December. Should you be appointed, you will need to attend meetings, read all relevant information and be prepared to share your perspective as a student.

Interested applicants will be contacted for an interview as positions become available.

Questions regarding these roles can be directed to the relevant Campus Director: