AIM100 - Academic Integrity Module

Credit Points: nil

Workload: Five hours (online self-study)

Prerequisite: N/A

Co-requisite: N/A

Aims & Objectives

This is a zero credit point online unit that is a hurdle requirement of all MIT courses. All commencing students will have to pass the unit before they can graduate. It is recommended that students complete the unit in the first three weeks of the first trimester of their study at the Institute. Until a student passes this unit, their results in other units will be withheld.

Academic Integrity1 is defined as ‘a commitment, even in the face of adversity, to six fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage’. A thorough understanding of the principles of academic integrity is essential for students to be successful in higher education. Examples of breaches of academic integrity include plagiarism, contract cheating, impersonation, fabrication of data and falsification of data.

This online unit aims to provide a firm foundation for understanding and practising academic integrity. It will explain the rationale for academic integrity, common forms of breaches, and sound approaches to practising academic integrity in learning, particularly in assessments and examinations.
This Unit includes the following topics:
1. Understanding the meaning of Academic Integrity.
2. Common breaches of academic integrity and their consequences.
3. Practising and demonstrating academic integrity in one’s work.
4. Dealing with academic integrity in complex situations.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this unit students should be able to:
a. Identify good practices in academic integrity.
b. Be knowledgeable about different kinds of breaches of academic integrity including plagiarism, contract cheating, misconduct in group work, and cheating in examination and their consequences.
c. Practice academic integrity in learning.
d. Demonstrate academic integrity in one’s work.
e. Take responsibility for compliance with the Institute’s policies and procedures on academic integrity.


Assessment Task Unit Learning Outcomes Completed before the end of
1. Online quizzes for Modules 1 to 3 a-e Week 3
2. Online quizzes for Modules 4 and 5 b,e Week 5

*refer to learning outcomes above.

Assessment Criteria / Hurdle Requirement

In order to pass this unit, a student must score a minimum of 80% correct answers in the quizzes. Students may do the quizzes multiple times until the required percentage of correct answers is obtained.

The quizzes on Moodle can be attempted after learning the online material at any time. It is highly recommended that the quizzes for Modules 1 to 3 are completed before the end of Week 3 of the initial trimester of enrolment, and the quizzes for Modules Week 4 and 5 before the end of Week 5.

Students will not graduate from the course without passing this unit. MIT will withhold the results of all other units until a student passes this unit.

Special Consideration:

In the case of serious illness, loss or bereavement, hardship or trauma students may be granted special consideration. A completed Application for Special Consideration and supporting documentation must be submitted online on AMS. This application must be submitted no later than three working days after the due date of the specific piece of assessment or the examination for which the student is seeking Special Consideration. Further information is available here.

Available Grades

Grade Distribution Table
Satisfactory Student scores 80% and above correct answers in all modules
Unsatisfactory Student scores below 80% in the quizzes or does not complete the module

An unsatisfactory grade is given if the student has no other unit to complete in the course and has not scored 80% and above correct answers in all quizzes; until then the grade will be O (Ongoing) or S (Satisfactory), the latter if the student has achieved the learning outcomes.


Textbook and Reference Materials

Prescribed Books, Recommended Books & Online Resources

  • All material required for this unit will be available on the unit’s Moodle website. There are 5 modules to complete.

Graduate Attributes

MIT is committed to ensure the course is current, practical and relevant so that graduates are “work ready” and equipped for life-long learning. In order to accomplish this, the MIT Graduate Attributes identify the required knowledge, skills and attributes that prepare students for the industry.
The level to which Graduate Attributes covered in this unit are as follows:

Ability to communicate Independent and Lifelong Learning Ethics Analytical and Problem Solving Cultural and Global Awareness Team work Specialist knowledge of a field of study


Levels of attainment Extent covered
The attribute is covered by theory and practice, and addressed by assessed activities in which the students always play an active role, e.g. workshops, lab submissions, assignments, demonstrations, tests, examinations.
The attribute is covered by theory or practice, and addressed by assessed activities in which the students mostly play an active role, e.g. discussions, reading, intepreting documents, tests, examinations.
The attribute is discussed in theory or practice; it is addressed by assessed activities in which the students may play an active role, e.g. lectures and discussions, reading, interpretation, workshops, presentations.
The attribute is presented as a side issue in theory or practice; it is not specifically assessed, but it is addressed by activities such as lectures or tutorials.
The attribute is not considered, there is no theory or practice or activities associated with this attribute.