How the trimesters work

One academic year at MIT consists of three trimesters.  Each trimester being equal to 12 weeks - the same as a traditional semester.  If you use the 3 trimesters you will use more of the summer break. However,   the Trimester system  contains exactly the same content and work  as using the three year time frame.  So in essence by using either the 2 semesters a year of the 3 trimesters a year, you will have the same student learning experience but will complete in a shorter time.

Example of trimester in one year:

  • Trimester 1, commencing in March
  • Trimester 2, commencing in July
  • Trimester 3, commencing in November (optional/fast track)

The following table illustrates some possible fast track study options, compared to standard study mode:

how trimester work

* Please note that all above examples are based on full-time study mode only.