“Studying at MIT has been invaluable in kick-starting my career.”

Shirshak Nepal

Master of Engineering (Telecommunications)

Studying at MIT has been invaluable in kick-starting my career in the Telecommunication industry. Through the compulsory internship program, I landed a part-time job in the networking field even though I was still halfway through my degree. After graduating, I was employed with a company named XLATE for three years followed by my recent move to Telstra where I look after Managed Services and Projects for our CISCO clients. What stands out for me is that most of the subjects I studied in my postgrad degree has been essential in all the three roles I’ve undertaken. It’s fair to say the degree has provided me with the practical knowledge and vital skills I’ve needed on the job. As a student at MIT, I also learnt to cultivate a positive can-do attitude and got to study with like-minded peers who motivated me to push my limits. That has certainly paid off for me as I continue to test my limits in my new role – juggling different projects, learning new technologies and enhancing my knowledge for bigger and better things.