“My degree has taken my learning to a whole new level.”

Neeharika Gupta

Master of Engineering (Telecommunications)

The internship I’m undertaking as part of my degree has taken my learning to a whole new level. My role as Project Coordinator takes me on fieldwork projects for Telstra where I get hands-on with diagnosing and fixing faults to power panels – something that is directly related to my studies! Having the chance to work on the equipment and technologies in real-time is just incredible and gives a lucidity that I would not have received just from textbooks alone. I’ve also learnt skills that I feel gives me an advantage in the workforce – time management, safety skills, good work ethic and knowledge of work responsibilities on the job. MIT has been integral in helping me gain this amazing internship and I’m really grateful to my Professor who believed in me, and Jared (Careers Advisor) who coached me. It’s clear that MIT not only wants to see its students succeed, but they’re also willing to put in the effort to do so.