“I landed a job 2 months after graduating.”

Jonatan Tarapacz

Bachelor of Networking

I landed a job after 2 months of graduating and found that the course content was right on the mark to what I needed for my role. The industry-based project enabled me to distil all the knowledge and theory learned in lectures and labs and put it into action and practical use. Even job interviews were in relation to my studies and usually had at least 3 technical questions related to my studies and the industry based project I worked on during my degree.

What I loved about my studies was that it was very interesting and fun to learn. For example, the Advanced Networking unit challenged me as I physically worked on hardware such as routers and switches, while the VPN unit allowed me to interact with the network simulation software, allowing me to build my networks to enterprise scales. This really helped me understand how everything connects together on a global scale.

It has been due to my degree from MIT that I’ve learnt to take education seriously and realised the value of lifelong learning. I’ve also improved my time management skills and learned to work in diverse group environments and learn from other points of view.