Academic Support - CoL

The Centre of Learning assists students in developing essential academic skills and gives students a greater chance of achieving academic success by offering academic skills support programs. The academic skills programs have been designed to assist students with their studies and to assist students that have been identified by MIT as being ‘at risk’ of making unsatisfactory course progress.

Academic Skills Support Programs

MIT’s Centre of Learning offers free academic study skills support designed to help students with their learning. The Centre of Learning staff are here to help you achieve your very best by providing you all-inclusive personal, and easily accessible assistance in a broad range of skill development areas, including:

  • Online and self-paced foundation skills development learning modules through the MIT001 Unit, available for all students 24hrs, 7 days a week.
  • Peer Mentoring from students who have previously excelled in the relevant units
  • Assessment Consultation Services, providing feedback, guidance, and support with the development of research, major assessments, examination preparation and Capstone project presentations as well as proofreading and English language support.
  • AIM 100 – Academic Integrity Module to provide students with the necessary grounding in academic integrity standards
  • Regular live workshops designed to complement and support coursework.
  • Individual student consultations scheduled through AMS.
  • Interactive tools in the Centre of Learning Moodle shell including links to an Assignment Planning Calculator and Time Management apps, our English Language Diagnostic Test, with accompanying videos and downloadable resources.

Academic Skills Resources and Links

Information and Research Skills

Evaluating sources (From New Mexico State University)

Critical Reading and Analysis(from The University of Queensland)

Critical Thinking(From Monash University)

Research Writing Skills

Getting started on your Literature Review(From UNSW)

Graduate Research and Writing Guide(From Monash University)

Writing Dissertations: A Guide from Graduates(From the Royal Literary Fund, UK)

Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation(From Michigan State University)


Zotero(Free referencing software)

MIT Zotero Guide

Zotero Guide(From University of Melbourne)

MIT Style Guide

Learning Foundations (MIT001)

This is a higher education academic skills unit which is made available for all commencing students and remains available throughout your time at MIT. It is a self-taught and self-paced online unit with activities, videos and external resources designed to assist students successfully transitioning to higher education. You will be automatically enrolled in MIT001 when you start at MIT and will have access to the unit Moodle page where you will find the Unit Description and resources to support your learning.

This unit includes the following topics:

  • Time management
  • Formatting
  • Note Taking
  • Maths
  • Academic Writing
  • Referencing
  • Research Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Presentation Skills

Peer Mentoring Program

The MIT Peer Mentoring Program is for students who need additional help in understanding the unit material. Senior students who have completed the unit and achieved high grades are available on a weekly basis via zoom and their peer mentor profiles and zoom links can be found through the units Moodle pages. The mentor can help you with understanding unit material, understanding assessment tasks and exam study and preparation. Sometimes it’s easier to learn from someone who has been in your position.

Access the Peer Mentoring application forms from the Centre of Learning Moodle shell.

More information about the Peer Mentoring program can be found here.

Assessment and Individual Consultations

The Centre of Learning offers Assessment Consultations where students can receive feedback and assistance in re-drafting assignments. We’ll help you with grammar, proofreading, editing and academic writing skills as well as developing the relevant research. We can also assist with referencing guidance, academic integrity and research skills.

CoL provides individual consultations whereby students can receive assistance with grammar and general English language skills, students can also receive guidance with report and essay structure, plagiarism, referencing and research skills etc.

Consultations with the Centre of Learning are made through the AMS.

Academic Integrity Module - AIM100

This is a zero credit point online unit that is a hurdle requirement of all MIT courses. All commencing students will have to pass the unit before they can graduate. It is recommended that students complete the unit in the first three weeks of the first trimester of their study at the Institute. Until a student passes this unit, their results in other units will be withheld.

This unit includes the following topics:

  • Understanding the meaning of Academic Integrity
  • Common breaches of academic integrity and their consequences
  • Practising and demonstrating academic integrity in one’s work
  • Dealing with academic integrity in complex situations

Refer to the Unit Outline for further information.

Engage with us

Check out the Centre of Learning Moodle shell for abundant resources, book an individual consultation time via AMS and attend our Academic Skills Workshops as advertised on the events and activities calendar.

Regular Academic Skills Workshops

  • Final Assessment Task Preparation
  • Data Visualisation
  • Fun and Lies with Statistics
  • Critical thinking
  • Debate workshops
  • Mathematics
  • Presentation Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Report Writing
  • Referencing
  • Literature Review writing
  • Professional Business Communication