Intake Dates

MIT has three intakes in each academic year with additional special intakes. Click on the corresponding intake dates below for more detail. International students are encouraged to apply as early as possible to successfully enrol in their chosen intake. For Domestic students, the commencement dates indicate the deadline to apply for all programs.

Trimester 1, 2024
March Intake
Trimester 2, 2024
July Intake
Trimester 3, 2024
November Intake
Term 4, 2024
May Intake
Term 5, 2024
September Intake

Information on Keydates

Term Definiton

Domestic students: Not compulsory
Please, refer to Domestic orientation page for more information.

International student: Compulsory
Please, refer to International orientation page for more information.


Is the process whereby a person is registered as a student of the Institute. Please, refer to Enrolling in your course for more information.

Census date

Last day for students to withdraw without financial penalty.

You can download academic calendars in pdf files.

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Trimester1 MIT's three academic intakes

Term 2 Additional Special Intakes