• Tue, 03 Oct 2023

    MIT Industry Projects - Melbourne

    Event by Melbourne Campus

    Date and time

    1. Tue, Oct 3 2023, 12 - 3pm


    288 La Trobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.

    Featured Projects
    • AUSDAIS - Data Classification Tool, Ausdais Pty Ltd
    • LIWC & Cybersecurity Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management Pty Ltd
    • Enhancing Cybersecurity Using Full Homomorphic Encryption: A Showcase for, Arif Systems
    • a Privacy-Preserving Client Server Architecture    
    • Cyber Security Incident Response Tool, Arif Systems
    • Data Classification Application, Ausdais Pty Ltd
    • Cybersecurity Threat and Detection of Deepfakes: An Exploratory Experimental Investigation for Learning and Teaching, Knowledge Management Pty Ltd
    • Enhancing Business Performance through Data Analysis for an E-commerce Business, Techyworks Pty Ltd
    • Small Business accounting system (PL statement Balance sheet), Dr Jayasinghe Hewa Dulige – MIT Supervisor
    • Cost Accounting and Inventory Management for Restaurant business: Claypot Seafood Bar Pty Ltd, Claypot Seafood Bar Pty Ltd
    • Sustainable Business Certification and Innovation Grants for Chamber of Commerce MUSIAD Sydney, MUSAID 
    • IoT-Based Smart Garage Door, Dr Bhagwan Das – MIT Supervisor
    • Development of an IoT-Based Fall Detection System for the Elderly, Dr. Bhagwan Das – MIT Supervisor



    Industry connectivity

      The Industry Impact projects form an integral part of the MIT degree programs. Students work with industry partners and gain invaluable experience by working on real industry/commerce opportunities or solutions. Throughout the projects, students are challenged and supported by MIT’s academic staff to ensure they apply the learning gained from their degree studies.

      Employability skills

      During the project, students further develop their employability skills. Students learn to present their knowledge and ideas in ways that people can readily understand. As a team, they present their best project ideas and use their persuasive skills to gain support for their initiatives. It’s all part of their skills development.

      Commercial breakthroughs

      This trimester’s event promises to be an outstanding collection of the very best of MIT’s industry projects. As a significant part of their Business, IT Networking or Telecommunications Engineering degrees (for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees), students and lecturers will share ideas that can become tomorrow’s commercial breakthroughs.

      Interwoven studies

      For the first time, this event will comprise projects from IT Networking, Telecommunications Engineering and Business in the same space. This illustrates the interwoven nature of studying Information Technology, Telecommunications and Business at MIT. This demonstrates how MIT prepares its graduates to stand-out from the crowd and be “job-ready”.