• Mon, 15 May 2023

    Finding Graduate Roles & Programs

    Event by MIT-wide

    Date and time

    1. Mon, May 15 2023, 12 - 1pm


    Via Zoom


    Every student needs to know what a graduate program is – but if you don't, you're not alone – it's a common question asked by students, 'what is a graduate program?' University life is full of new experiences and getting closer to graduation means facing a whole new set of experiences and responsibilities... such as finding the right place to start your career. You may have heard about graduate programs but have no idea how they differ from graduate jobs or regular jobs .

    This workshop will assist you to understand everything you need to know about graduate roles and programs.

    Explore your interests and skills, understand how you can strengthen your marketability and develop a wish-list of target organisations and roles. This session is ideal for those students completing their last Trimester of study.